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  1. ewadz3006

    New terminals...

    The pics don't do them justice. They are huge. Lol the larger part of the hole is 1-1/4 and the part where the actual wire goes is 7/8.
  2. ewadz3006

    New terminals...

    Got some new terminals to hook up the flux capacitor. Even have doubles. Lol [ATTACH=CONFIG]26557621[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]26557622[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]26557623[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]26557624[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]26557625[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]26557626[/ATTACH]
  3. ewadz3006

    Port area

    So I downloaded winisd pro. I got it working and when I get to the part where you add your speakers parameters, I click to save it and it says "consistency check on following parameter groups failed." What now? I click help and it says " Ms html help is not installed on this pc."
  4. ewadz3006

    Port area

    How far from the back of the box should I stay with the port? I want tuning at close to 34 or a little under . To do that my box calculator says I need a 26" long port. The box is only 32 deep. I can go more on the 32 if I have to but not a lot maybe 2-3 inches at most.
  5. ewadz3006

    Port area

    They are dual 4 ohms and I bought them used so I'm not sure which version they are. I don't know the difference to look at them. They have the chrome backs though. So 2 or 3.
  6. ewadz3006

    Port area

    Thank you. I tried searching but I just have a phone, and any search just says " unknown local search index" or something like that.
  7. I just squired 4 12" sundown sa's. I'm looking to build a ported box for them but I'm not sure on port area. It will be in a mercury mountaineer. It will be on about 4000 watts. I'm figuring 2 cubes or just under per, after displacements. It will be subs up port back. I' m looking for more on the musical side. Thanks
  8. Did you try different speakers that you know work?
  9. ewadz3006

    Is it worth running amp to stock front speakers?

    As a matter if fact i do run a 4 channel like that. In my truck i run channels 1&2 on my fronts and 3&4 bridged to a sub. But i guess im ghetto in my 79 pickup with 9" of lift and 35" tires. Whatever. I didnt tell him to run 3 channels on the sub either. Back to the original question... you can run 2the channels to your fronts. In my setups it was louder and sounded better, but i used a crossover too. As far as the sub, as its been said you cant bridge two channels on your sub, because your amp isnt stable bridged at 2 ohms. So you a can only put 1 channel on your sub, which will work but is NOT optimal by any means. My advise to you is maybe sell the four channel to get funds to get a mono.
  10. ewadz3006

    Is it worth running amp to stock front speakers?

    What are you running for a head unit?
  11. ewadz3006

    Is it worth running amp to stock front speakers?

    I'm curious. Why is it "ghetto" to bridge two channels on a sub, and run the front stage with the other two?
  12. I know its not the hu you stated but I have a eclipse dd hu with nav I'm getting rid of. its a avn2210p. Just thought i'd throw it out there.
  13. ewadz3006

    Punch HX2 15 D2

    just picked up two of these. How much do you think shipping will be to zip code 16401?
  14. ewadz3006

    How did i blow my 12inch Kicker Solo X?

    at least I got a few chuckles after work. lol