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  1. I'm using a 4 inch flared Aeroport from PartsExpress if that helps. I think clamped I was getting like 200 watts on music lol
  2. I am in a transition stage to a new box from my current 1.29 cubes @ 31hz box, and I'm trying to get the absolute maximum potential out of this subwoofer off of rated power (Rockford Fosgate R500X1D birthsheeted @ 641watts) My car is a 99 civic sedan and the sub is just in the trunk fired towards trunk lid. I listen to mostly EDM and hip hop but I also do listen to enough death metal to the point where I'd still like to hear the separation in the double kicks. My main emphasis however is digging out the lows so I'm thinking a tuning frequency somewhere between 29-32hz because I still wanna preserve that SPL What would you guys think is the optimal airspace my E10v3 would need to accomplish this?
  3. Alrighty than. Guess I'll be throwing it in 1.25 cubes @31hz using the same 4 inch partsexpress aeroport I've been using.
  4. When I built my box for my 10, sundown suggested a box size of 1 cube after displacements. Yet when I came on here for box advice, people were recommending I run up to 1.25 cubes. Why is that? Is sundown recommendations the bare minimum? I'm just wondering because I'm in a transition stage to a new box and I'm wondering if I should keep the 1.29 @ 31hz box I have (which my E10v3 sounds absolutely amazing in) or if I should experiment with a smaller box built closer to sundowns specs. My main goal is to dig deep into the lows.
  5. EpicMango

    30hz vs 32hz tune?

    Are there tonal differences when tuning higher vs lower? I heard that tuning higher makes the bass sound more boomy?
  6. EpicMango

    30hz vs 32hz tune?

    Will there be a discernible difference if I tune at 30hz vs 32hz? I'm trying to get nice and low, but I feel that with rear firing subs, I should tune a little higher so I can eek out those extra db'z because the rear firing will bring out the lows anyways? Should I tune to 31hz? Am I making too big a deal out of this? :P
  7. So I've decided to heed your guy's advice and put the port on the front so both the sub and port are firing forward and then have them firing into the trunk rather than into the cabin. I'm actually going to try all the orientation types and see what I am looking for the most but my box builder said he will be able to fiberglass an elbow for the port. I'm quite excited actually to hear this Sundown E10 and see exactly how low it will go tuned at 30hz
  8. Alright. Its clear that I should fire back and I think I will now. I'm assuming this also means port should be facing the rear too or should I do a side fire?
  9. Its a Sundown E10v3 on 600 watts. Box is 1.28 cubes net @ 30hz with a 4 inch precision port. The car is a 99 civic. My goal is to get low. I plan to have the sub firing into the cabin with the seats up most of the time. I was wondering if I should take the time to get custom work done to incorporate a 90 degree elbow and have the port also firing into the cabin which is location B in the picture or if it would be sufficient if I side fired with either port position A or C. Of course I'd like to have the most SPL out of this application too. I'm just wondering if I should take the time and effort to fab a front firing port or just go the easy route and do a side firing port and either location A or C
  10. I've spent all day looking at RCA cables and I'm hearing everything mixed around about them. Some say their mono price RCA's are better than their Stinger series, some say KnuKonceptz Krystal is okay, while others say there is a big difference between that and their eKs line and some are saying the eKs line is just something to behold..what is true? I'm really not getting a definitive answer here. It would be nice if there was some real world tests to all these claims not only for just me but for the future people that will have this same **** question. What the hell makes an RCA sound better than other ones? Does it really matter? Is it audible? Or are we more concerned with shielding rather than SQ?
  11. I'm debating doing that now but I've never done a completely custom wiring kit. Right now I feel like I am going to go with KnuKonceptz EKs RCA's, 12 gauge OFC speaker wire with the mini XL fuse. I don't know what recommendations I should use for the power wire, ground wire, remote control wire, and I wouldn't even know where to get the terminals for all these components.
  12. I was looking at just doing the basic KnuKonceptz 4 gauge wiring kit but I am now wondering if I should go with something a little nicer or not. Its a Sundown E10 on a Rockford Fosgate 500 watt amp on an 80PRS. Would I hear an audible difference if I went with something better or should I just stuck with the normal 4 gauge kit and call it a day? I heard quality RCA's can make a big difference in sound.... Anybody on here sell some 4 gauge kits?
  13. I REALLY want to have a front facing port for my box but the 4" aeroports length is 26 inches long. Precision Ports does not have a elbow option which absolutely baffles me so I am looking for a system that can incorporate a 90 degree elbow so I can front fire and then bend the port so I can fit the rest into the box. I'm hoping that I can find this port in a black color too if thats possible
  14. EpicMango

    2 alpine type x 10s

    **** :/
  15. EpicMango

    2 alpine type x 10s

    ****...I'll definitely buy one if you have one!!!!! I don't need both, just one!