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  1. knotdrummer88

    03 Silverado install issues

    This truck doesn't have an amp in it, and I believe I have the security bypass system from pac audio
  2. knotdrummer88

    03 Silverado install issues

    Oh yeah, and I put the factory unit back in and the truck runs just dandy
  3. Hi there, I'm putting an alpine HU in my dads 03 Silverado w/o Bose radio and came into a few hiccups. First of all, the truck side of the harness does not have a remote turn on wire, do I have to run one myself? Secondly, I did put it in the dash and plugged it in before I realized I didn't have a remote wire and when I did that tge truck would start but only run for about a second. Any thoughts? Thanks guys
  4. knotdrummer88

    Pioneer Premier DEH-P510UB

    Do you still have this?
  5. knotdrummer88

    Speaker wire disconnects

    Is each prong a for a negative wire and positive wire respectively?
  6. knotdrummer88

    Speaker wire disconnects

    Well, they're in the stock location in the sense that they're in the door. They are in fiberglass pods, and I also have two of the same sized mids built into the sound bar
  7. I have a 1998 jeep cherokee, and when the weather breaks in a couple months I will be making my front doors removable. Now in my front doors I have 2 mids and one super tweeter in each door. From the doors I have one run for the tweets and one run for for the mids. Now, when I remove my doors what is a good way to make plugs for the speaker wire?
  8. knotdrummer88

    Court date because of the audiooooooz

    Old thread I know, but yeah this was in toledo, going down 475 at the secor exit. West bound
  9. knotdrummer88

    Court date because of the audiooooooz

    Not exactly. However it was at full tilt, I wasn't about to argue if he could hear 50 ft away. He could have heard me before he saw me
  10. knotdrummer88

    Court date because of the audiooooooz

    The "ticket" doesn't have any dollar amounts on it, it just has a court date...doesn't even give me the option to plead guilty and pay the fine without going to the court. Ugh.
  11. knotdrummer88

    Court date because of the audiooooooz

    I would agree, however he pulled me over right after I got off the highway. And the ramp is in a business district. It even says it on the ticket
  12. knotdrummer88

    FS:Kenwood Excelon KDC-X695

    Hmmm I like
  13. Woo a couples weeks from now I have to show up in court because I got pulled over yesterday because of the loud music....why couldn't he just write me a ticket
  14. How you do it? I just checked my grounds and rust is forming around of course cause its bare metal
  15. knotdrummer88

    1996 Jeep cherokee 240amp Mechman

    Fvck it, I dunno. I could have swore I saw grand somewhere, but good, your getting a real jeep. And yeah, just wall it!