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  1. West

    PHD and their Dealer Network

    I am not back just needed to make a quick comment, unfortunately. But it's good to see you too. The focals were replaced by Hat's a few months ago. These Phd's are going in the chrysler 300, which should be an intersting acoustic environment!
  2. West

    PHD and their Dealer Network

    I was checking my messages and came across this. I just wanted to say how happy I am to be dealing with @ge_off_me ; and have him as my CA.com rep. He has been a great friend and has given me so many pionters that I have used to improve my system. I always buy online whenever possible and love that he is at my disposal for all my needs. A warm welcome to phd! It's exciting to have a new (and hopefully better) company to cater to our needs here. Might I suggest that phd try making a better all-in-one source unit than those currently avaliable via alpine, boss, pioneer, kenwood, and jvc. Please convey that message at the next board meeting. I will be running your AF drivers (3 way active front) on a mcintosh source (old school mx4000+mda4k) and amps. I will be using an arc audio analog processor, which I hope will preserve the fidelity of the signal to the drivers. I hold the Europeans to a very high standard as I work some very nice French gentleman in my lab (some of the smartest men I have ever met), it's refreshing to see something that is at least assembled in Europe. I hope this US introduction spurs the ecomony over there, as times have been rough. I will be writing a review on diyma for those interested!
  3. I hope ya mean bad in a good way
  4. You would give me a dislike... :/ Also I am no longer interested in the RF... who said I would buy only one deck?
  5. Lets make a deal on the HU...
  6. West

    PAS Mag reviews PHD Audiophile Systems speakers

    I may need to discuss some more options with you in a month or so.
  7. West

    PAS Mag reviews PHD Audiophile Systems speakers

    I am very excited to rock a set of these in the chrysler. (af series) I may pick up a second set if they impress.
  8. Tweeters and speakers can be damaged easily. You could make an arguement for woofers and amps being easily damaged easily as well. I like buying speakers new
  9. Melamine was being put into dog food to make it look like there was more protein. Killed a bunch of dogs. A Chinese company was killing our animals :/
  10. Just wanted to say that Melamine IS toxic if ingested. The label is wrong
  11. West

    Focal Speakers

    glws man!
  12. West

    PHD FB 6.1 Kit Pro

    Good stuff I am getting a set of PHD's from ge_off as well. Glad to read that they impress you. Can you give me an overall rating xx/10