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  1. Clifff150

    Fi BL 12" D1 old version

    To date, I still think this sub was my favorite. Loved the sound and of course the build quality. Good lick with sale.
  2. Clifff150

    Help with weird issue

    Original to the truck. He just graduated from UTI and is working at a shop now so I'm telling him to test some things. He's going to get new Rca's and rerun them along with his remote wire. I had the equipment in my truck with no noise whatsoever.
  3. Clifff150

    Using Airbnb for the first time this week

    That's awesome. We all need a private getaway every now and then. Even if it's just to sleep lol. From the reviews it seems like our people were new too but asking me about missing items a month later isn't right. Especially after they left us a good review. It sounds like this owner is really on the ball by meeting y'all there. Enjoy your vacation!!
  4. Clifff150

    Using Airbnb for the first time this week

    Recently used it for the first time. Everything was pretty easy. Seller/renter wasn't very responsive and is emailing me a month later asking about a tennis racket and a pillow sham? We did everything asked and only used the place to sleep. I'll use it again but not with this renter.
  5. Clifff150

    Which Brand??

    Agreed on choosing a product based on your application but I still voted Incriminator. I love their equipment and their customer service has been top notch. I've had DC and Sundown as well and enjoyed them. I feel DC is overpriced for what you get but solid products. As far as quality, they are all going to be quality brands (although I have no experience with Orion subs). I loved my Fi BL too. I was going to get Alphas but the build time was crazy long (I think they are caught up now though)
  6. Kicker. I absolutely hate kicker. All I see around here is kicker and it's so annoying.
  7. Clifff150

    I'm so happy!!!

    Nude pics of his sister?? I get the joke but I'm super glad he doesn't have any hahahahahaha. What if he would have said yes?
  8. Clifff150

    Diamond Audio

    I have one and love it! It's rather large but absolutely beautiful. From what I understood years ago when I bought it, you are correct. The only thing I wish it had was Tiffany rca's. You'll really like the amp.
  9. Clifff150

    Help with weird issue

    I told him to try the ground at a different spot so we will see. Is it odd that it only does it on the morning? If it is the ground, wouldn't it do it all the time or at least sporadically?
  10. Clifff150

    Help with weird issue

    Pretty clean mess to me haha.
  11. Clifff150

    Help with weird issue

    Houston area. Basically it's been high 90's to mid 100's during the day and drops down to mid 70s low 80s at night. How could the condensation cause this (serious question)?
  12. Clifff150

    Help with weird issue

    As far as the amp ground, I moved it to a spot on his back wall and removed all the paint to bare metal. Any idea why it would do this in the morning but not later? I told him to start his truck tomorrow morning, let it run for a minute then kill it and restart and see if it happens.
  13. Clifff150

    Help with weird issue

    Hey guys I was wondering if y'all could help with an issue my brother in law is having. I sold him 2 Sundown E 10's with a Solid Audio F11D about 2 months ago. The subs were basically NIB and the amp was purchased in 2012 NIB and I ran it until this year and never had an issue. So he is telling me that in the mornings only, the subs are making noise (sounds like wind?) with no music playing. Basically have a constant tone and bump every once in a while. After work, he never has the issue. He had an old pioneer deck that was giving him whine noise but he got a brand new pioneer and it doesn't whine now. Vehicle is a 2003 Chevy Silverado Ext Cab. He took the cats off which rattle everything but this isn't causing the issue. Any ideas?
  14. Clifff150

    Autotek SMA1300.2 Amp Dyno

    The same people that say this thing "bangs the shit out of my 2 12's and people swear I got 2 18's in the trunk." Garbage
  15. Clifff150

    Pyle PLA485 / Morel Tempo Ultra 602

    You can get the Pioneer GM-D8604 for around $130. 4 channel that puts out over 100rms per channel (proven on dyno). I would'nt run the Pyle unless you really had no choice. It's just not a good product.