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    Sony BT2900 head unit, 4x6.5 alpine sps-610s, 1x 12" polk DXI 124 DVC
  1. NissanWynner

    First Sub

    I knew that but is there a specific kind? I am really new at this. So far I got lucky with my speakers and head unit by not needing to do any wiring, but this is another story.
  2. NissanWynner

    First Sub

    What wiring do I need? Is that a bad sub? or amp?
  3. NissanWynner

    First Sub

    and no I also have upgraded front and rear door speakers and head unit
  4. NissanWynner

    First Sub

    Polk DXI 124 DVC 12 inch and JL Audio 250
  5. I just bought my first sub recently with matching amp but I am not sure how to install it. Can someone provide me a step by step basic installation process?
  6. What sizes do I need to fit both the doors and dash of this car?
  7. I just bought a new Polk DXI 124 DVC 12 inch dual-voice-coil sub woofer and to save myself some money I am building the enclosure for it. I was wondering what the best dimensions for the enclosure are, and what materials do I need