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  1. Flex68

    Search issue

    Yep. First noticed it around this time last night, maybe a little earlier.... Give it a few days to get noticed, lol
  2. Flex68

    Need Something to keep up with SA-12's

    Goes from talking about 3 8" mids and 3 tweets per door, to "scaling down" and being able to "push more towards SQ" lol
  3. Flex68

    Help out this poor white trash system.

    another goddamned Jaguar up ITT wif the Likes/Dislikes button and the head-up-his-azz comments
  4. Flex68

    My SK-1500.1 is junk

    Typical for Kevin, for sure
  5. He be all dat and a bag of chips
  6. Flex68

    '65 Nova audio design

    While I would have likely gone a bit different direction with the wheels, still def made my sticker peck up ! Nice ride!!
  7. SPL, SQL, or SQ as your main goal?
  8. Jensen + Kicker /= "hit hard"
  9. Flex68

    Who can Ban people on this forum?

    Looks like his 4 total posts were 4 ads, the first of which has no pics, anyway... pretty clear what this fukk is doing, and hopefully the POS will be permabanned soon. OP, sorry you got "taken" but , dayum! , why wud u do an in-person buy without testing??
  10. Let me google that for you
  11. Flex68


    If you aren't cheating, you aren't trying. If you aren't blowing shit up on occasion, you are a flaccid penis in a world of hard d!cks
  12. Flex68

    Used Blues Audio 12s

    Hey, guys. I have a dood wanting to sell me a pair of used Blues 12s in good condition, but I feel like he is asking an arm and a leg for them. What would be a reasonable price on a set...?
  13. Flex68

    What's wrong with Skar Audio?

    Bullshit. You are either too young to realize how inane your comments sound, or your've had ur head up your ass so long the hypoxia has killed off all your brain cells. How about this, Dorothy: You order a couple woofers from this assclown thinking you're getting A-stock. When it arrives, it is clearly NOT. You call him out for it, yet all you get are platitudes and beatitudes, or even outright denials of any wrongdoing. Or no communication, at all. Or--- if you're lucky---- once 1/2 this forum calls him a d!ck for doing it , and he becomes worried about his rep or the bad PR, he only then makes things "right." How about that, sweetness? If this was you, do you still think you'd be happy with his product? Would you keep those B-stock subs, run them---- and if they sounded okay---- just keep ur mouth shut? Still think just because you believe his products are good, or just because YOU haven't actually had such an issue, that all the rest of us should shut up? Read the discrepancies thread, you ignorant fukk. Inbred schmucks like you should be killed at birth