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  1. jeremyg1

    WTB Cell Phone

    my 3+ year old 3GS is still rocking, very solid phone.
  2. And that is fine, I just dont see how someone else running the company into the ground justifies your opinions.
  3. Ben hasn't been involved in elemental designs for many years....
  4. It is still worth a shot, but as pieper said...after 45 days I dont think paypal can offer much help at all...
  5. jeremyg1

    Elemental Designs closing up shop

    i tried...but he wont deliver their cnc machine
  6. I did not see this posted anywhere yet so I thought I would share. Per: Official statement inside. « Elemental Designs News Blog Elemental Designs will be closing their doors at the end of the month.
  7. jeremyg1

    box size?

    I hope you can get more then 200 for a kidney...but maybe the black market has been hit with hard economic times too?
  8. Got the XM-4026...packed great...looks great...thanks man!
  9. jeremyg1

    No screws?

    I have built many enclosures with just glue and clamps...and they are doing just fine many years later. the only real downside is the build time is increased quite a bit as you go through several glue/clamp/dry/repeat cycles....if you use brads or screws you can assemble the entire thing in one session.
  10. 50 shipped on the XM-4026 to 52228?
  11. first we would need max height/width/depth
  12. jeremyg1

    WTB Tablet

    Ah, fair enough.
  13. jeremyg1

    WTB Tablet

    Hard to beat the nexus 7 price.
  14. jeremyg1


    I have had mixed results...now i just get everything 1/2 inch over sized and take care of it myself. I remember several years ago we found a whole stack of 4x8 sheets of MDF that were about 1/2" out of square, got a pretty good deal on that though