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    Okinawa, Japan
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    Aircraft Mechanic
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    Alpine 9887, Kicker i5.2, US Amps USA-150 (fronts), USA-200 (x2), TC Sounds 10" OEMs (x2) seale

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  1. Just what's in the pics. I also have a few amps not pictured. Kicker ZR600 and ZR1000 that were recapped by Mike Nichols.
  2. I've got a set of NIB Kicker R4 midrange drivers and several sets of old school Kicker crossovers (MB-100, MR-350, LP-350, SW-100, and Resolution 2-way crossovers) that are just collecting dust.
  3. I'm tempted to buy those TC-1000s back from you.
  4. firey_kimchi

    They don't make them like they used to? (2005 era)

    http://web.archive.org/web/20070224012753/http://www.tcsounds.com:80/tc1000.htm Here's the info on the TC-1000.
  5. firey_kimchi

    Wolfram Audio 4th of July Sale!

    Has the site been fixed to allow orders to ship to military APO/FPO addresses? I'm interested in (2) C-2400.1 and I have some buddies interested in your other amps, too. Thanks!
  6. firey_kimchi

    Adire Audio Brahma MKII

    Is this still available?
  7. firey_kimchi

    Fair price to carpet a box

    Where are you at in Japan?
  8. Yes, A = Top (left/right) and B = Bottom (left/right). Match your RCA cables to your amp inputs. For example, if the RCA cable on the back of your H/U is connected to the "Front" RCA output, connect that RCA cable to the amp input "A". That makes "A" your front speakers and vice versa.
  9. firey_kimchi

    RE Audio SE 10

    I used to have (2) SE10 and (4) SE12. The SE10 was in .65ft^3 sealed and destroyed my wife's Japanese "toaster on wheels" (box car). [ATTACH=CONFIG]26557342[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]26557343[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]26557344[/ATTACH]
  10. firey_kimchi

    RE Audio SE 10

    From the RE Audio "orange" manual: sealed (optimum): .65 ft^3 / (compact): .4 ft^3 ported (optimum): 1.25 ft^3 + port displacement tuned @34Hz / (compact): 1.0 ft^3 + port displacement tuned @ 35Hz
  11. firey_kimchi

    Big Zed Amps USA2300F Planet Audio

    Yeah. I got back in Jan. It was a good time but I'm glad to be home. I'm thinking that was my last deployment before retiring...unless stuff happens.
  12. firey_kimchi

    Big Zed Amps USA2300F Planet Audio

    Those amps are amazing! You always have the nicest gear. I'm seriously tempted...
  13. firey_kimchi

    1ga OFC

    I called to order 75 feet of it but they don't ship to military addresses overseas (APO/FPO). Paying shipping twice to get it to me is almost as much as the wire!