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  1. lovinloudbass

    Guess Papermaker's SPL score thread

    Didn't realize he was gone already, thats what i get for going to page 2 off the bat...
  2. lovinloudbass

    Guess Papermaker's SPL score thread

    Paperfaker ...What free time??? You are always on here being a tool ffs...
  3. lovinloudbass

    Calling out @Hertz Mafia

    Just shot whiskey out my nose reading this ffs .
  4. lovinloudbass

    ground to strut tower bolt?

    N Doesn't taste like what you are used to huh???
  5. lovinloudbass

    FS: Soundsplinter 15s

    I can have??? Lol good stuff here.free bump.
  6. lovinloudbass

    synergy audio 3k???

    Looking for around 5k after rise. I know what i rise to now but with the wall im planning i have no clue lol I'm in the beginning stages of building.
  7. lovinloudbass

    synergy audio 3k???

    What kind of electrical does he have and how long has he had it and what has he been running it at? I'm going to have 2 hairpins and some g31s for now
  8. lovinloudbass

    synergy audio 3k???

    **** forgot about the vital 7ks I know a few here ran them guess it them or twisted and Im gonna look into wolfram I have 0 problem running new companies. Fu Audio has done me well and I've ran them since b4 they got going Well popular
  9. lovinloudbass

    synergy audio 3k???

    Actually I want around 6 to 7k in a pair and never heard of wolfram
  10. lovinloudbass

    synergy audio 3k???

    This is the 1st of the 2 amps I'm gonna be buying,and not new to the power level. Ran a AA3800.1 @ .5 for awhile and sold alot of my **** to fund a new daily driver. No matter where I go the twisted is on pre sale ffs and ***** that synergy is chinese. Never heard of wolfram audio wtf is that.
  11. lovinloudbass

    synergy audio 3k???

    Was going to order a TS 3.5k but due date is still at least weeks if not a month or more away. So wanted my 2nd option ,synergy audio wfo 3.5 and it seams like its discontinued fml.seen the new efa 3k for like 409.99,so anyone try it or have gut pics??? Don't know if synergy still puts out beast amps now.... Have around 700 to spend on something around 3k,prolly going to order a TS2.8k since they are readily available if I can't find anything else...
  12. lovinloudbass

    Subwoofer break in period 🔊

    I hope u clip your subs to death just because you don't know how to read and clutter crap up.... Yes I crap forgot how to swear on this website ffs:crap:
  13. lovinloudbass

    Subwoofer 🔊 break in period

    Been gone awhile and newbs still can't read ffs.also wang dat bish til u clip it to death..
  14. My wife wants a better mid stage so a amp n comps and mlv and ccf and vibraflex is needed..Besrt amp for a roughly 100 rms a driver,I run ampere but this is for her..
  15. lovinloudbass

    2 icon 12s. Or 1 zcon 18

    Hows that ssa ic2200.1 for ya.