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  1. DoesDad

    trying to understand.

    Hey man! Good to see some more Tulsa people. There's a group in Tulsa that meets in Targets parking lot at 7 pm on Thursday nights. It's the Target on 71st and 169. Good guys and very helpful. No need to feel embarrassed or stupid for asking simple questions. These guys are understanding and were at your level not too long ago. We all had to start somewhere. I don't go because the group as a whole is too young for me but if you're late teens-mid 20's you'll fit right in. As an aside, hispls gives really solid advice and you should follow his lead. 300-400 watts on those Pyles is plenty and you should probably consider upgrading in the near future.
  2. DoesDad

    Subwoofer Choice - SSA GCON vs Image Dynamics IDQ

    What enclosure are you going to run? Ported or Sealed. I think both subs sealed would be fine however I think running ported you'd get more output from the Gcon. The ID is a nice SQ woofer while the Gcon is more SQL. I had a Dcon 10" a few years back and I loved it! I put it in 1.5^3 tuned pretty low and the output was amazing for a 10".
  3. DoesDad

    **** my life..............!!!!!!!!!

    Nice man! Congratulations! Even if it takes a little bit to get up and running it'll still be cheap. Wife's tranny went out in our 2003 Honda Odyssey a few months back. They wanted $2800 at Aamco and that was the cheapest! Well, I said screw it. it had 200,000 on it and the entire van wasn't worth 2800. Lol! I bit the bullet and started making payments on a 2010 Maxima. After a while you get so sick of the hoopty's that you just bite the bullet and start making payments!
  4. DoesDad

    Soundqubed subs wont go in sealed boxes eh?

    I'm running a 15" MM in 1.9^3 sealed in the trunk and it surprised me to say the least! The output of this thing, especially in a small, sealed box is incredible. It's rated at 425 rms. I'm probably only giving it around 300ish right now but it seems like it could take 800-1000 w/o a problem.
  5. DoesDad

    Soundqubed subs wont go in sealed boxes eh?

    DC's do well in small ported. Little expensive though... Maybe a Sundown SD? That might work. I've run Polk MM's as well and they do great in small, ported boxes.
  6. DoesDad

    Soundqubed subs wont go in sealed boxes eh?

    I don't think they'll perform very well in sealed boxes... I just ordered 2 of the hds200 10's. I'll be throwing them in about 3.5^3 tuned to around 34.
  7. DoesDad

    need help choosing sub

    Which Kicker was it? The Comp (black and yellow) or the CR (the new greyish and white ones)? I'd get a Soundqubed hds200 or hds300. The 200 is 85 bucks shipped and rated for 600 rms and the 300 is 139 shipped and rated for 1200 rms. Either one will laugh at the Alpine and put either Kicker sub to shame.
  8. DoesDad

    is this sub any good

    The Soundqubed hds200 12's are 85 shipped. That's pretty cheap. I just ordered 2 10's for a lil' budget build myself...
  9. DoesDad

    **** my life..............!!!!!!!!!

    I wouldn't think $1832 is out of your price range... I'd pick it up myself if it was closer. Little Beamer with 95k on it. Hells to the yeah!
  10. DoesDad

    Want a Higher reading: DID 151.2 db

    Fixed. I just ordered 2 of the 10's for a budget build. Kind of excited to see how they do...
  11. DoesDad

    Super Cheap 6.5" Subs

    The Lanzar Max's are solid. At least in the 10's and 12's. They do a nice job for how cheap they are.
  12. DoesDad

    refurbished DB DRIVE PD2000.1

    Nice price on a great amp!
  13. DoesDad

    Toyota BB 10s

    Nice work! Love it when the end result looks like the car came that way... How does she sound?
  14. No. That would be more of an enclosure issue. Are we talking Walmart wire here? What gauge?
  15. Did he sign up as a member for that? LOL!