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  1. frogcase2002

    Taramps 20k , 12volt version for sale!

    Any trades? With cash
  2. frogcase2002

    Brand new scv4000

    Got a taramps 10k
  3. frogcase2002

    Brand new scv4000

    Any trades
  4. frogcase2002

    Copper bars

    Let me know the longest you can get. Would like to make some buss bars
  5. frogcase2002

    Incriminator Audio 40.1v3

    Any trades?
  6. Bought a taramps 10k from mrfr3sh2def . Has been paid for . Just waiting on shipping info
  7. frogcase2002

    Box builders??

    Iv built alot of enclosures in my area. I could maybe help you out. . Where in Indiana are you?
  8. frogcase2002

    Box builders??

    A 4th or 6th order bandpass? . Cause im not sure if you would want the subs firing in the trunk and the port into the cabin
  9. frogcase2002

    Box builders??

    What do you mean by a port for an armrest. What are you trying to do
  10. frogcase2002

    Brand new Sundown SCV-4000D

    2 saz 2500s?
  11. Most alts iv put on I didnt need a smaller belt because the tensioner still made it tight . Tell dude to put the smaller pulley back on. I think its pretty messed up he did that without telling you
  12. frogcase2002

    Tuning amp to ported box for best sound.

    Should have the lpf aroung 50-80 . And subsonic a little below your box tuning . . . . Where did you get the enclosure? Can you post the specs. Like dimensions of the enclosure and port area and length?
  13. Dont use bass boost on The amp. And looks like your running your ohms to low
  14. frogcase2002

    New member from Ohio

    Welcome! Also in ohio. Good to see people in this area
  15. frogcase2002

    Springfest MECA 3x Cincinnati, Ohio

    Ill be there