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  1. First off, Thank you for looking at my post. I've had an oa 15 d2 for maybe 5 years now. I know they are discontinued and were not mainstream when Jacob released them. Anyways. I am changing vehicles. Finally have the air space, trunk space, and electrical to build a system how I would like. 2011 gmc terrain. For context I had an 09 civic running stock with a line out converter. 2/0 welding cable big 3. 4g power and ground. Slot ported 3.5c int double baffle MDF box with 45s in the corners and center brace. Tuned at about 32 hz. Running on an apsm 1300. I havent been able to give the sub the power it wants let alone sitting at the lower end of box space. My question is if I build a new box somewhere around 5 cu ft int is it worth running my Oa on a higher watt clean electrical amp? Or should I just look into a new sub? Thanks for reading