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    saving money for a rainy day
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    SPl baby
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    Pioneer Avh4300, Infinity Kappa Perfect 6.1, Rockford T400.4,Sundown 15s, Soundstream Rubicon 2500.1
  1. dam dude. Vioncka just bought one off QVC about 3 weeks agao
  2. Team Ampere

    4 crossfire xsv2 fifteens

    fucck I wish these weren't so deep.
  3. Team Ampere

    Ampere Audio 3800.1

    Sweet fuggin price guys. Pity the fools that don't grab one at this price.
  4. Team Ampere

    10'' mids

    I have Crescendo PWX 10' I messaged u on caco man
  5. Team Ampere

    1/0 for sale

    I will take the xp flex. Let me know pp address and stuff. I will go ahead amd send man
  6. Team Ampere

    1/0 for sale

    I will take the xp flex.
  7. Team Ampere

    Guinea Pig

    That amp is titts.
  8. Team Ampere

    Gckless's Panels by 04Murdalanche

    Well hell. thought I was gonna see some nice glass work.
  9. Team Ampere

    BNIB ampere audio 3800.1 525$

    Understand that. Good luck with selling man. if I hadn't already bought all mine I woulda snagged it from ya
  10. Team Ampere

    BNIB ampere audio 3800.1 525$

    Reason for selling???
  11. Team Ampere

    (2) Nice AGMs

    Also. PLease understand that there are only about 3 or 4 companies TOTAL that actually produce AGM batteries. To say that this agm is better than that agm, espically if they are produced under the same mother company is obsurd. If u have a odessey 2150, it is no better that the diehard platinum marine 31. different color case, who gives a fucc. Same battery. Anytime u see a same size battery with obvious differences in spec, then its more than likely a marketing ploy. Test that shitt and see if they don't come out about the same as far as ca and cca go.
  12. Team Ampere

    (2) Nice AGMs

    Enerysys is responsible for all of the smaller "brands: seen below. Datsafe, Odessey, PowerSafe, DataSafe, Hawker, Genesis, Odyssey and Cyclon brands. Our motive power batteries are marketed and sold principally under the Hawker, EnerSys Ironclad, General Battery, Fiamm Motive Power, Uranio, Oldham and Express
  13. Team Ampere

    wtb: 3k amp.

    Zenon amps bruh. creatures from Zenon boxed em up. that is not human flesh.
  14. Team Ampere

    wtb: 3k amp.

    Ampere Audio 3800.1 never used, never taken out of box, never touched by human flesh