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  1. Ok. Here is the cable. Molex clip goes to DENSION ICE LINK PLUS and other part goes to JVC AUX. On that side i need mini iso for BLAUPUNKT. Any help ?? Cable: Molex side: JVC AUX ADAPTER (Here i need BLAUPUNKT mini ISO)
  2. Hi. I have a DENSION Ice Link lite for ipod/iphone and by mistake i have cable with JVC iso adapter. I need a BLAUPUNKT mini iso. When i go to some electro service here in Serbia, to ask them to make a change they told me, well we need a diagram to know exactly how to change from JVC to BLAUPUNKT. Is there any such a thing to find ? I can provide some pictures to explain, basicly the cable that go from DENSION to HU must be with BLAUPUNKT adapter not JVC. Sorry for my English. Thanks in advance
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    Hello from Serbia

    Hi. Just to introduce my self. I am 40 year old male from Belgrade, Serbia. Owner of beautiful Smart Roadster and Peugeot 207. Smart have a nice ALPINE setup and Peugeot waiting something so i am here to find the best solution. Greets ...