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  1. 04murdalanche

    Big AGM/Dry Battery

    Ahh I see. Thanks for the clarification
  2. 04murdalanche

    Big AGM/Dry Battery

    Lulz. OP PM me if interested
  3. 04murdalanche

    Big AGM/Dry Battery

    I thought those were the specs of 9a31s?
  4. 04murdalanche

    Big AGM/Dry Battery

    Deka 106ah 170 shipped
  5. 04murdalanche

    Silverado custom doors

    I'm not saying I don't like negative feedback. It's just how you deliver it. Positive criticism and being a **** are two different things. And sometimes people need to hear that their work *****. Lol Love your sig btw. By far my favorite movie scene ever lmao
  6. 04murdalanche

    Silverado custom doors

    1) I didn't do the dash, therefore it's not my work. Therefore I don't care how it looks considering it's NOT MY WORK. 2) there were two bass knobs there previously that a shop put in for him. They drilled those holes, when he brought me the truck they were already like that, again.. NOT MY WORK. Thanks for asking, though. 3) I did the dash piece for free.. And he was happy with how it turned out:blush: 4) these panels aren't unfinished, clearly they've been finished with something. Whether you think n they need carpet or whatever, go build you some then man. These aren't your doors and this isn't your truck. Cameron loves it, and so do a lot of people at shows. I've gotten calls and texts from people he have my number too considering getting work done. And that's all I have to say
  7. 04murdalanche

    Silverado custom doors

    As it's been said multiple times now, wasn't my choice to bedliner them, customer got what he wanted and was very satisfied. Still texts me saying people complement them all the time at shows. And again, as I've said multiple times, I know suede, carpet, other things look better, I totally agree with you. But that's not what he wanted, he's got bedliner on his beauty panel for the blowthrough and in the box so it matched. If you don't like it, you don't have to comment. Simple as that And AGAIN, for the unteenth time. I didn't wrap the dash dude some Mexican at a shop did it. Call his ass up and talk to him about it. I could personally give a shit what it looks like. Not my truck.... No one will ever stop me from doing this ish. I love it.. Best hobby ever and I've met a lot of good friends doing it. And yep. Block me. Save us both the time of listening to the bitching
  8. 04murdalanche

    Dual 15" SP4 Silverado SS Build

    You two seem to be the only ones who think they don't look good lol.
  9. 04murdalanche

    Silverado custom doors

    I did these doors last summer just in case you forgot. I haven't done much lately. ---------- Post added at 02:12 PM ---------- Previous post was at 02:11 PM ---------- Lol so the truth finally comes out everyone look at that.. Everywhere else supposedly you paid me $500. Which you didn't.
  10. 04murdalanche

    New guy here

    Now that's what I'm talkin about
  11. 04murdalanche

    Silverado custom doors

    Everyone's E-pen is like 14 inches bro. You know this.. And there's people on here that can glass better than me for sure. None of which have posted in this thread though that's for sure.
  12. 04murdalanche

    Silverado custom doors

    Yeah man:suave: Meh. Never said I was great. Average at best. As far as wrapping the dash. If he would've made more relief cuts and not make them so deep into the corners it would've turned out nice.
  13. 04murdalanche

    Silverado custom doors

    Sadly.. Yes. The shop did a great job on most of his interior but there were parts of it, like this.. That were done shitty
  14. 04murdalanche

    FS: 4x PSI/Ti/DC Level 6 D.7 15" (4" monsters)

    VIDS PLEAAASE if you don't mind. Probably would help your sale lol