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    My name is Brian and I have been in the car audio industry since the 1980s in some form or fashion. I have been building custom enclosures for over 20 years. I started out building enclosures in my front yard in a small town in MS. I was the president of a small local car club and I built every enclosure that existed in my group.

    I assure you that I will be the one building your enclosure. I don't have a crew of builders on the payroll here. Why pay a custom builder to build you an enclosure if they turn that build over to someone whom can't be making more than minimum wage. In my world custom means just that. So don't believe the hype and get your next enclosure from a true CUSTOM BUILDER....Thanks
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    Starr Mountain Sound
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    Etowah, TN
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    I love to go fishing when I have the time
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    Clarion CZ702, Boston mids and highs, 2 Havoc 12s, DC 3.5k
  1. don't wanna **** off the mods posting up pics when I am not a vendor currently but you can check out my site Starr Mountain Sound dot com......and on FB....
  2. I can if you want one...shipping is whatever I get charged..you get charged...no markups @ los33
  3. I thought about doing a reunion tour and coming back on here to build a few enclosures......This place used to keep me covered up so bad....
  4. email me at brian_horton86@yahoo.com..I hardly ever get on the forums anymore
  5. double 07

    Bassin and Ballin 2015

    Yes I am in Etowah........We actually re-named the show and now it has TRIPLE 3X SPL comps....USACI, IASCA, and ISPLL
  6. Both reasons.....eventually the truck will be painted with a trio of colors...purple, silver, and black
  7. I have been working on this truck for almost 2 mos now....It may be a little while before we get to the sub stage but here goes...It's bagged on all 4 corners, 8 3/8" valves, 5 gallon tank, twin 450c comps, custom 3 link rear setup with bags over the axle, body dropped 2.5", air bag assisted dump bed, custom two tone tweed interior, 02 Ford Ranger headlights, 17" Caddy wheels for now until I can get my Intro Billets. The sound stage will be PRV mids and highs, four Tantric 12s and two DD M4s...The truck will be two toned with plastidip for now...Plum purple and black of course....
  8. double 07

    Bassin and Ballin 2015

    I know this is early but I wanted to share it anyway....I am putting on a Car and Truck show along with sound competitions in Cleveland, TN at the Tri-State Expo Center on May 9th and 10th 2015....I am working with IASCA and MECA.......Any one interested in being a vendor spots are only $25.00.....I am going to do my best to make it a great event....thanks