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    Cleveland Ohio
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    installer of high voltage boxes
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    car audio red light demos hittin lickz
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    zv3 18's ns1 v2 sax 200.4 lots of highs knu wire
  1. Haven't most of them cts smoked?
  2. lowchevy

    Whose got a pair of these

  3. lowchevy

    FS: 8 neo pro 8's, 4 ft-1s

    Get a price lol and pm me
  4. lowchevy

    FS: 8 neo pro 8's, 4 ft-1s

    Sell me them panels already!! Lol
  5. lowchevy

    Stereo Integrity 18s $165 shipped each

    What's up with them neos in the back lol
  6. lowchevy

    2 neo pro 8s 2 prv tweets

    Still got the 8's?
  7. lowchevy

    15" Audiopulse LMS ULTRA

    Lucky lucky If you had 2 this place would go nuts none the less great sub wish I could swing 1000 for it lol glws
  8. lowchevy

    Bunch of Stuff

    Any pics of them xfls?
  9. lowchevy

    2 12 Zcons

    Wish those were 18s Still nice subs glws
  10. lowchevy

    Sundown X, not alot people talk about it...

    I prefer zv3s over the xs My x 18s glue wasn't strong and my surround pulled up in spots
  11. Those are great amps the color makes them stand out good stuff
  12. lowchevy

    Sundown Zv3 dual2 12's

    How about some zv3 18s dual 2 :thumbupw:lol
  13. lowchevy

    SAZ 1500v.3

    I put my ns1 on craigslist... Worst idea ever nothing but idiots Then eBay was actually worse so I pulled it off Who offers 400$ for an ns1 .. Ignorant Glws!
  14. lowchevy

    SAZ 1500v.3

    Love these amps my favorite amp was the saz 1500 v1 I now have the ns1 v2 and love it Mad power with sundown
  15. 645$ shipped from woofers now man Not looking good for ya until maybe tax time Glws