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  1. Sup guys. Never mentioned it before but detailing is one of my favorite hobbies, next to working on car and my audio system last time i detailed my car was in May of 2012, a little over a year ago. My car had a bunch of swirls and light scratches and water spots and whatnot so I decided to go ahead and fully detail my car today. Products used/Directions Washed with Dawn soap - 2 bucket method Clay barred entire car washed car again/dried Megs Microfiber d300 Compound with MF cutting disc Megs d301 polish with finishing disc Four Star ultimate paint protection sealant using white foam pad Chemical guys Blacklight Blackfire Aluminum compoound with fine grade steel wool for the exhaust polish stoners window cleaner Meguiars Ultimate black trim restorer purple power on wheels then rinsed and cleaned again with soap and water with microfiber towel/dried and sealed with blackfire wet diamond/collinite 845 insulater wax Ultima tire and trima guard plus used to coat tires and do interior as well Man! the car is so freakin slick and shiny its unreal, i miss my car being like this as i took a little break from detailing due to school/studying for dental school and work but im back at it again! anyways here is some before pictures (this was completely removed) r something. Stay tuned!