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  1. timma100

    Sundown Audio SCV-6000D

    This item has sold, mods please lock
  2. timma100

    Sundown Audio SCV-6000D

    Bump and price drop, $850 shipped in lower 48 with $1k insurance
  3. timma100

    Sundown Audio SCV-6000D

    Sorry for the super late reply man.. I do still have this amp, FYI it does not have a gain/clipping knob but it does have the wire for it
  4. Everything was kosher until today, during constant load voltage would normally drop to mid 13s then jump right back to 14.7/8 when the bass stopped. Today, voltage drops into the 12s, and after the bass stops, even pausing the song, the voltage will stay in the 12s, and slowly climb back to 14.7. The alternator is less than a week old (DC Power XP270), and its making me think I may have a dead battery.. or two.. The car still starts fine, but initial voltage is low, and slow to climb to operating voltage (14.7) because this happened suddenly (started today) it makes me think its a battery and not the alternator. I checked all connections leaving the alternator and at the batteries and everything seems fine. Anyone had a similar experience? It has also been quite cold lately, perhaps the alternator isn't getting to operating temperature as well..
  5. timma100

    Crescendo BC2000

    Can you post a picture with your username and date? Also, a closeup of the power/speaker terminals from the top to see if they're stripped out
  6. Yeah, back in September. I'm feeling the same way, I'm going to call them again today and try to get more clarification. I really like the idea of a robust Korean style amp over a more sensitive high voltage Brazilian, not to mention the Vikings frequency response is listed to stop at 25Hz (compared to the SCV with 15Hz-250hz), and the high end response of the Viking ends a 8Khz which I feel places the majority of its efficiency far out of the range I would use on a daily basis.
  7. Build is on hold, couldn't get the old alternator out, brought to auto repair shop, and they said they also were unable to get it out due to a seized bolt. Still waiting for the SCV-6K, been waiting since the beginning of September. db-r just keeps giving reasons why it hasn't shipped yet. Considering canceling my order and getting a Viking 7K