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  1. It happens

    Dc lvl3 top plate

    I have looked on there website but didn't get very far... but then again I didn't look to hard either robot underground said they have them for 40 bucks ...seems like a lot...but idk
  2. It happens

    Dc lvl3 top plate

    I have a dc lvl3 motor without a top plate. I bought it that way unknowing that is the way it is. So I'm just seeing what the specs on it are I work in a metal shop and have access to build one myself . Any info is appreciated
  3. It happens

    SoundQubed HDC3.1 Motor

    Still have it? How much for it and reckoned 15"?
  4. It happens

    hdc3 15"

    Don't matter to me if it's soundqubed or audioque. Just looking for the 15". I guess I could settled for just the motor as well
  5. It happens

    Fi n2 motor

    Are you selling just the working one? By chance hahaha....
  6. Yeah, i always have ran them all together in one . I couldn't ever grasp the concept of sentence structure... My fault
  7. I broke the center piece off on one of the rca's
  8. Thats kind of what I was think some were behind my head unit gonna check it out now
  9. So I had to replace the rca from head unit to my amp and so since then when I turn off my car the sub and amp give a 1 second burst and if I turn the volume up at all i get a constant play from the sub I have installed plenty of systems but haven't came across this issue before so any help will be appreciated I just don't feel like re wiring everything so thats why I'm here asking thank you in advance for the information