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    I am the owner of B.E.E.T.E.M. Inc., which is an enterprising business, we currently have 1 store B.E.E.T.E.M. Car Audio & Accessories, and we are opening 3 more in the next 3 years (B.E.E.T.E.M. Car Customs & Rims, B.E.E.T.E.M. Body Arts, and B.E.E.T.E.M. Salon) I am a car audio guru, and a business law major in college. I have had this car customs habit going on 12 years now, and I live, eat, and $h!t car audio. I plan to sell items from my own personal collection of car audio equipment, and not inventory from the store. I also plan to buy and trade from those selling good equipment
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    Eric Young
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    Martins Ferry, OH
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    Owner and CEO Of B.E.E.T.E.M. Inc.
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    Car Audio
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    2 2011 VFL Comps 15", AB VFL 1100.1, 4 XS Power D3100,highs on OPTI250X4
  1. centergod79

    Just Like New Cresendo 3500

    NO Sir, Amp has sold, but I would not have taken that. I had a 1 day special for new years eve, and someone jumped on it, I really didn't want to let it go for that price, but I'm a man of my word, so it went for 550, but I will not ever base a price off of a special I post for 1 day only, that really means 1 day only.
  2. centergod79

    2) BNIB Memphis Mojos 15" D2

    OK, for all of you that want to comment on what MOJO's these are, the picture tells it all. These are 2011-2012 Mojo's CM Cast Mojo's, the previous models 08-10 had more of a greyish black basket, which were called the M3 MOJO. In late summer 2010-2012 there CM Cast Mojo's were current, along with the C3 that replaced the M3's, and the CM Cast Mojo replaced the M3 Mojo. However, the MOJO's here for sale are 2011-2012 MOJO's, Memphis releases new product in the summer, so for a good course of 2012, the CM cast Mojo's were the current models, so when I first created this thread in 2013, I stated last years model's, which is 100% correct. My company just received our "Do Not offer Extended warranty Email" from Memphis in August of 2013. A lot of people confuse the Greyish Black M3 mojo with the CM cast Mojo all the time, even on the store front. Besides, if I had a set of M3 Mojo's they wouldn't be for sale, I wish I wouldn't have sold my last set. It's ok though, I still have a set of 15" Q1 Mojo's 2nd generation, BNIB.
  3. centergod79

    WTT/WTB 0.5ohm stable 3k-4k amp!!

    I wasn't going to get into this one, but I just couldn't help myself on this comment. Powerbass ASA line is everybit as good, they use the same High quality korean boards for the asa line as anyone else. However, they did let me down on one of my favorite amps the asa1500.1x, they now fuse the board, 160A of fusing, but I would rather not have a fused board. But I get over 2K out of my asa1500.1x @ .5 ohms, and I never run hot. I have a store full of high end amps, and this asa1500 is my favorite.
  4. centergod79

    Need An amp For my Mids & highs

    I have a Rockford Fosgate T400.4 for $230 shipped. Sells for $399 on any reputable online store, you may find refurbs or knock-offs cheaper, but $230 shipped is unbeatable
  5. centergod79

    Just Like New Cresendo 3500

    Sale Pending...
  6. Look man, I'm just going to say this and I'm done, and I'm not trying to sell you an amp, I just mentioned I had one if you wanted a good price. All these amps are not $350, especially an american bass VFL 150.1, you may find a used one on here for that price, but, that's not how much that amp is from a dealer, or Bob. If you want to build your system and be done with it, and you do not want to keep pouring money into more equipment (e.g. Battery, alternator, line drivers, Blown woofers, etc.) then do not buy one of these .5 ohm amps. Your P3's won't last 2 weeks on an opti2000 at .5ohm, and definitely not on one of the mentioned VFL amps. The Best amp you could buy is the kicker ix1000, but that's pricy, you can get the Kicker CX1200.1 for 300-350, and your system will slam, they're highly efficient, and they exceed rated power at 2 ohms, your system will sound great running those P3's on the Kicker @ 2ohms. I specialize in high powered systems, and I'm not the biggest Kicker fan, and I install 2500+ watts systems all the time, and then I get a customer who wants the Kicker or rockford products, and the P3's on that CX1200 amazes me. I guarantee you, that setup will last longer than your car, and pound.
  7. For That type of budget I wouldn't be looking at the amps you're looking at. First of all, you're probably looking for daily drive beats. Any amp that you would run at .5ohm for max power would be terrible sounding, ratings are usually conducted at 4ohms, along with THD. I sell a ton of P3's and I think you should get the Kicker CX1200.1, and wire you woofers to 2ohms, and get the perfect match. 4 out of 5 P3 sets I sell, I sell that amp with them if it Dual 2. I have 2 of those amps in stock $300 shipped, and that's less than MAP, and the amps are BNIB, and would come with a 1 year warranty. I'm not suppose to sell them online, and I don't, but I would like to see you go in the right direction.
  8. centergod79

    Just Like New Cresendo 3500

    New years Eve special, $550 shipped. I will only take this price today, I'm only doing this because I'm having a great monetary day, so I'm wanting to spread the love. $550 Shipped, today only, and I promise anyone who thinks this is my price, if it's not today you will see my resilience.
  9. centergod79

    Just Like New Cresendo 3500

    You're probably talking about this post right here, remember this is significantly lower than my asking price, and I'm not asking for anything, I'm saying what's going to make the price higher than $600, No one sells anything at any price that they don't take into consideration shipping/PP fees.
  10. centergod79

    Just Like New Cresendo 3500

    I was under the impression you can't ask to have payments sent as a gift, as far as PP fee's are concerned, I don't think I ever bought one thing off of this forum that the seller didn't want the pp fee's if we negotiated a lower price. Also, there's a lot of other things that you can't do on this forum that people do all the time, such as... -No Low Balling -No Post Dumping -No Feelers -etc... etc... Now go back through this thread and see how many rule violations you'll find. I believe deeply in following Forum rules, so I don't condone any of it. When you put a price on something that includes shipping and PP fees, then that's the price. But all of these responses to post's aren't asking for anything, how can I be asking for something, when I'm not even in negotiations with a potential buyer. This is why I asked for people to keep there posts business oriented, as far as me mentioning PP fees is in a discussion in how I'm coming up with my price. If I get a potential buyer, and we are negotiating a price, and we strike a deal, then he sends me money through paypal, and I turn around and send him a message saying "they took "X" amount of dollars for PP fees, I need you to send "X" amount of dollars or I'm not shipping you anything" that's more along the lines of a rule violation.
  11. centergod79

    2) BNIB Memphis Mojos 15" D2

    Bump 2 awesome subwoofers for the holidays, selling cheap, and they are brand spanking new.
  12. centergod79

    Just Like New Cresendo 3500

    Some things can't be said in a sentence. Who that post was meant for, read it. That's all that matters to me. Let's get it people 600 + shipping/pp fees
  13. centergod79

    Just Like New Cresendo 3500

    I understand what you are saying, and I'm 100% aware of how a kicker amp is designed, and the graphics Kicker offers for their amps. If you research my company you will see on Kickers Website I am a Kicker Dealer, and have been for some time. If you have fans for your amp, excellent, and yes, forcing cool air down the heatsink is fantastic for the amp. That's what I was referring to, Yes you can absolutely paint a top plate of a Kicker amp, it's just a cover, I don't remember the KX2500 having on board fans, so you must be running aftermarket fans to force cool air down your heatsink, fabulous, on board fans just push hot air around anyway(in most cases) I thought you were saying you painted the entire amp, and even if you did paint the entire amp, if the paint is thin enough, and you're running fans down the fins, you'll be fine. At first I though you were saying your amp didn't use heatsinks, it used fans to cool it, therefore you painting it would have no effect, and that would have been incorrect, because all amplifiers have to have heatsinks for the transistors(mosfets), and more. There's not an amp tech in the world that would recommend painting an amp, especially the heatsink, but with the right methods it's not impossible to do, sorry for the mis-communication. As far as AB is concerned, yes a kicker ZX/KX 2500 will beat the AB 100.1, and even the 120.1, I would expect an amp that's $900+ to do better than an amp that's under $500, however the Korean boards are better for driving hard, as in high voltage, and low impedance. As for the casual user, yes the Kicker wins, and they're better built amps equaling the higher cost. As for me having an attitude, I DON'T, but I wont stand for people trying to act as if I need marketing advice, because I do not. If this Cresendo had a significant amount of use, I would consider it in my pricing, I would not have 100% positive feedback if I were the a$$ you people are insinuating. A lot of the stuff I have is Brand New, I have a store full of inventory, so I have first hand knowledge of the use of just about anything I sell. As I stated before, this amp is on here because it is an out of the ordinary amp for me, and since they're on Back Order for $771, and mine is just as new as any of the ones Cresendo would ship out, I though I may find someone out there that's wanting this amp, not wanting to wait, and wanting to save a few dollars as well. I'M FLEXABLE, $700 is the starting price, it's a fair market value hence the new condition, and literally not an hour of use. You guy's use terms like "preowned", to me preowned would be outside of my shop, I sell Brand new equipment, and I'm authorized to deal for those I deal. If I take an amp out of my inventory, and use it to test something, it's being done in a professional enviroment, therefore will not fall under the category of "preowned. If it leaves my shop, then yes, it's preowned, and it would reflect in my price. It's funny how many replies this thread has generated, but no one is trying to buy the amp, or make a real offer. I think my biggest problem on here is I give explanations when I turn down an offer, I probably should just say No thanks. Please do not take anything the wrong way, I'm not trying to be rude. All I need to end up with is $600, and that's extremely fair for this amp, but that's net, not gross.
  14. centergod79

    Just Like New Cresendo 3500

    Also I don't need advised of anything. No one on this forum creates any market for me. I don't need to sell this amp on this forum, but I figured on this forum I'd have a better chance of striking a deal on a trade for an amplifier I want. That's all.
  15. centergod79

    Just Like New Cresendo 3500

    All amps have a heat sink, and no you can not paint any amp, I'm sorry. let me re-phrase; you can paint anything you want, but it's not good for an amp to be painted. That is why amps don't come painted, they're usually bvlack of silver, and if it does have color it anodized. Painting an amp is like putting a blanket around it. I work on and repair amps everyday, just because you don't know me, doesn't mean I don't know what I know. I'm not attacking anyone, I just like what I like. Also, I don't care who doesn't like my price, I know what I have in my amp, and I know what I have to get for my amp. I'm not interested in a DC amp, just as much as I'm not interested in this cresendo, I don't like either line. . But to be perfectly honest, knowing amplifiers, I can promise you the cresendo is the better amp, and I'm not really interested in a watt for watt trade. If I'm going to use any Korean/China brand it would be American Bass, because AB is honest, and doesn't try to be the JL of the Korean/China world. He11 I could have my own name and logo put on any of these amps. Let's try to keep the thread business oriented. And if I come off aggressive, I apologive. But you people are reading this stuff, if you were hearing me speak you would see that I'm assertive, never aggressive.