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  1. duanebro

    good home audio forum?

    My fav. home audio forum is parts express techtalk. Very based in science and measurements. Plus a friendly atmosphere.
  2. duanebro

    Cheap 8" sub

    mcm has a good one on sale.
  3. I think you will find that the HU has the eq in it. It is done to protect the factory speakers.
  4. Could you just move the battery to the trunk? Replacing it with a bigger one of course. This would free up more room up front. If it isn't the battery you have a bad connection, most likely the ground.
  5. duanebro

    Ported or Sealed for trunk?

    I agree with th advice you have been given. I just wanted to add that you should get a box built for your subs. Off the shelf ported is often way off from what would be best for your setup.
  6. Do you have anyway of measuring the frequency response? I have the same thing happen with my sub. I found that I have cabin gain to blame for it. (this gives me a big peak at ~40 Hz.) I can back down the gain or eq it down a few db at 40 Hz - both ways make a huge difference.
  7. duanebro

    Advice on Amp and Sub Combo (SSA + Kenwood?)

    Was the JL audio box ported? Also 1 12 inch sub won't be louder than 2 with the same power, in general. There are more variables than just the subs at work here. You should try to figure out what you liked so much more about the JL subs, maybe it is not so much the subs as the box.
  8. duanebro

    Possibly starting my own line of woofers...

    You have my intrest... I'm tuned in. I would like to know if these would work well in home use.
  9. duanebro

    Blew my Sub after 1 day. Need advice.

    The install place gets my vote. You should be able to turn up the bass knob all the way as it should just limit the gain. If the install shop didn't set the amp with the know at max however, or just set the gain by ear, then you were most likely clipping the amp. And this lead to blowing/burning up the subs. This is why I like to do all my own work. When I know the fault is mine.
  10. duanebro

    n00by gain question...perhaps?

    That shoud be good.
  11. duanebro

    n00by gain question...perhaps?

    High-pass subsonic filter (24 dB at 25 Hz) It is fixed, so no switches or dials. this is fine for most boxes tuned around 30 Hz.
  12. duanebro

    Should I run 4 or 8 ohm mids?

    Ok, you should use a separate channel for each different speaker, and your amp can be set to a band pass type xo I think. This would allow you to correctly xo the mid and mid bass. Get another amp to run the tweeter... I don't know what speakers you are planning on using, or their FR and specs. But in general, it is much harder to play lower notes. This is why a 1" tweeter can keep up with a much larger sub. This is why I would also use a single mid with 2 midbass speakers.
  13. duanebro

    n00by gain question...perhaps?

    You could just wire for 1 ohm, and then set the gain with a dmm to 1200 watts. Don't forget to set your ssf to protect the subs below tuning.
  14. duanebro

    certain subs getting "lower??"

    there is no one parameter that tells what a sub will do, an example is the sa-8 v2, the fs is ~71 Hz, but it will play down in the 30's. As far as speakers that don't play low, just look at pro audio woofers. Most won't work well below 50 Hz.
  15. duanebro

    Should I run 4 or 8 ohm mids?

    Just so I understand - each size of speaker will have its own channel? And the tweeters will be on another amp?