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    Messing with car audio, going fast in my 03 S55 AMG, Dallas Cowboy games
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  1. hegar817

    Ppi 900.4

    Sent pm
  2. hegar817

    Banda 7k 1 ohm

    How do these compare to the taramps 8k?
  3. hegar817

    Sundown SAZ3000D Sub Amp

    Is the price for 1 or 2?
  4. hegar817

    American Bass Vfl 4480.1d

    Are they strappable?
  5. hegar817

    2nd Digital Designs C2b

    How are these Sq wise compared to older class ab amps( zapco, ppi etc.)?
  6. hegar817

    WTB: 4 Channel AMP

    ppi p900.4 120 shipped works great but has stripped negative terminal. I uses a generic bolt that fit and had no issues.
  7. hegar817

    600-800W Amplifier

    xtant a6001 150 shipped 600x1 @ 2 ohm underrated
  8. hegar817

    Old style SS 10000d amplifier

    [/b]Have any more pics and the dimensions of this monster?
  9. hegar817

    2 Digital Designs M4a Sub Amps

    would like to see some up and close gut pics on the blown one.
  10. hegar817

    Fs-Minty DD M4

    Ever clamp it?
  11. hegar817

    dd m4

    If you have not traded yet I may be interested in buying and start the process of selling my Atomic 5k
  12. hegar817

    dd m4

    Dang wish this was for sale a few weeks ago. I settled for an atomik 5k but DD is my preference though.
  13. hegar817

    ppi p900.4

    Looking for ppi p900.4. Want because it's powerful and small 120ish, I know I can get for 165.00ish new