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  1. I wished I would have just stayed with the zv4 10", this car rattles too much.
  2. Zv.5 12" to replace the sp4
  3. Update: I blew the zv4 then reconed it with a NSv2 coil. Then the spider pack came unglued and broke the tinsel lead. Now it's time for a new build:
  4. 1. Product: Sundown ZV4 10" blown 2. Specs: 1750rms 3. Description/Condition: Blown and has some rust on the magnet 4. Price: : $186.66 shipped 5. Pictures:
  5. Replaced my cz comps with pwx's, one of them had coil rub
  6. Once the weather warms up, I will clean everything up and make a cover for the rear seats
  7. Pick this up for pretty cheap
  8. basshead7890

    Team Ascendant Audio 18"

    I sold it a couple of hours ago