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  1. It's black casing I bought it used for 120 4 years ago or so lol Might stick with it for now I'm debating, was having issues my subs thumping and rcas thumping hard when near inputs on my amp, but I fiddled with it a bit and seems to be working ok for the moment lmao
  2. Not looking to spend quite that much on a new one, it is a very nice amp though, I also believe it's too long for behind my seat
  3. Please PM me with link to specs and a price shipped to l2g 6x6 It has to fit behind my back seat of my truck, currently running fosgate 15001bd need something equivalent or a bit better that does 1 ohm at 1500+
  4. Powering two SA 12s, needing a mono block at 1 ohm Shipped to Canada Thanks
  5. cbuts

    Need a good component set

    https://www.crutchfield.ca/p_500RS65C/Alpine-R-S65C.html?tp=73303 Would this be a good choice ? I already have tweeters mounted on the door so I think they would replace them easily
  6. cbuts

    Need a good component set

    I believe mine may be a bit blown anyways, I think it's time for an upgrade. And I'm told I should be running the component and my rear from a 4 channel instead of a 2 channel like I am. Can I mix tweeters and door speakers ? How do I choose a crossover if I do ? Would really appreciate some help choosing lol
  7. Hey guys been awhile since I upgraded my system, lately I've been having all kinds of issues so I'm deciding to just get new speakers and amp and rewire my system . Right now I'm using re audio xxx two front speakers and two flush mount tweeters. I want something comparable or better , and also similar flush mount tweeters as I've made holes in my door panels for current ones . Can anybody give me some good suggestions? It's for a 2008 dodge ram 1500 4x4; quad cab. Also need a 4 channel amp that will power them and my rear door aftermarket speakers as they are all currently run on a 2 channel hifonocs . Thanks !
  8. So I have two sundown 12s older model, fosgate 1500 amp. Been using these subs nicely for a few years now. Dual battery under the hood ran to eachother. Last week a friend was working on truck and played the system for atleast a couple hours (bass was at -15 so low) When I left his place my check gages light was on and my battery was below half in the dash , after a couple drives the light went off and JUST above half the reader shows now. But ever since my subs sound like garbage !! What's the deal? Help is much appreciated Thanks !
  9. Have had my xs power d3400 for a few days now, pairing with my red top and the d3400 will be aux battery . They are both going under the hood in my Truck, one in a passenger side battery tray . Do I need two fuses ? I was planning on using two ..but the other is taking forever to come in the mail . Will I be fine with 1?
  10. I only solder for the big 3 really..soldering is fkn ez..don't have to look pretty..tape it
  11. Too much pressure, I ordered the d3400 from xs power $336 ..don't think it's really that much more then I would of spent on another battery..maybe 100? Lol..it'll be across the border Wed for me to pick up
  12. Well I literally live right beside the border, either way I'll be paying conversion rate .. Are xs power batteries better for the same price ? Should I just order a d3400 and drive over to pick it up and put that as my secondary ? Not sure what to look for..most cranking amps ?
  13. It's only happening at low volumes..when it's loud neither cut ..when it's low both r intermittent