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    rebuilding my life after the death of my wife,Jeri,a year and a half ago.house is paid for,kids are grown,hair and *** are gone,but job is good,still mostly healthy and still like to crank my Dread Zeppelin.
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    Tacoma Wa.
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    natural gas weld foreman
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    Pioneer,JL amps,Alpine subs,Maximo comps
  1. rodburner

    The dumbest thing you've ever done with a system

    hooked up a one off McCauley 18" sub to my old school bridged Earthquake PA 2300 and "demo'd" said brand new sub for a friend. The resulting smoke was "awesome"....NOT ! That old 'quake is still wrecking subs today,in a co-workers suv,nearly 20 years later.
  2. rodburner

    Kangaroux's 99 Pathfinder

    I've used it a few times,most recently to seal the channel from my kicks to the back of the Xtra cab. Didn't like music coming from behind me. Worked good in that app,as now my old 4" Quart mids are playing down to 80hz,getting 150w/ea,from the bridged 900/5. It is pretty sticky stuff,especially when you get it on your hands.. Not sure how well it will work filling large,shallow expanses,like between roof ribs and a headliner. It doesn't have enough force to push the foam much farther than the end of the tube.
  3. That's an awesome rig. I've had 2 Rambler's in my driving life,both pieces of crap,but hella attention getters. Some custom kicks,with angled 6x9s would look sweet,IMO. Can use license it as a collector car? In Wa. it's 30years old to be a collector car and never have to buy tabs again.
  4. +1,though mine are not from e-bay. Andy Oberbillig [OBCON] made THE boxes to have back in the day.
  5. Not very often do you see somebody with the balls to cut up a classic car. I took major crap when I put a full system into my 64 Rambler 440. The people in "Goodguys" just didn't get the joke. The front mount subs in my 72 Chev PU were much more stealth,so much less crap was received. Good on you and your dad.
  6. If you want the good 15ply Baltic Birch,try out your local trench shoring supply store. They should stock Finn Form 3/4" sheets.About $100 bucks here,but waterproof and doesn't split from end screwing. [yeah sure,run with that] lol Looks cool when rounded over too.
  7. Wouldn't the best airflow be from complete texturing,like a golf ball?
  8. I use the cheap Bondo resin and whatever mat that is in the little bags next to the resin,at Home Depot. It's not likely to get wet inside the car,but I've made seat pans and fenders for my Triumph using the same stuff and never had water issues with it. And if I needed color on the piece,after sanding it to smooth,I resined on some T shirt material of whatever color I wanted at the time.
  9. rodburner

    2008 G35s Sedan build

    Looks awesome so far. Any reason you chose to run a full length ground? Always envious of people with indoor work space and the wherewithal to leave a car in pieces for a while. Keep the pics coming.
  10. rodburner

    martian's 2001 buick build log

    Looking great as usual. I do quite a bit of "glassing" in the winter. I have an old "truck box",[ you know,the diamond plate aluminum things] set up in my shed,with a small electric heater inside.It will cure a piece in an hour on a 20F day,even if I don't mix the hardener "hot". Keeps the FG smell outside too. A poor man's E Z bake oven..
  11. rodburner

    martian's 2001 buick build log

    That is just incredible detail work. I woulda just bought blue tinted shooting glasses for night driving..
  12. Those doors came out awesome. Newb question,but how do the subs add anything for the listeners,firing into the trunk? All I would hear is the ports coming through the package tray?
  13. Thanks for the heads up and the welcome.