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  1. Hey glad to hear you're getting back on your feet!
  2. murph

    High vs low power handling subs

    You would just need an 8 cubic foot box for the 3k 12 on 300 rms.
  3. Obviously you are an all knowing wizard and have experienced before and afters of apply ccf/mlv to the doors. I definitely does nothing for mid bass or improve sound quality at all. Have a nice day sir.
  4. There are a thousand things that are causing all that. For starters you only have deadened on the doors. For best results you also need ccf and mlv. Second you are using factory wiring and crossovers, are you ******* kidding me. You need to use the crossovers for your speakers and better speaker wire. Third you should have invested more money in a better head unit than just speakers. Finally that pod amp needs to go.
  5. murph

    Analyzing the prototype.

    Got top plate?
  6. I need some rear fill in the back of my car and am looking for a >100 set of speakers. Let me know what you have.
  7. murph

    cost of gas

    2.05 for 93 octane
  8. murph

    $500 which components?

    I'm gonna have to ask you to calm down.
  9. murph

    $500 which components?

    Sundown Neopro's and Pioneer TS-B400PRO tweeters which you will only need two of them to get loud. (I didn't read your post before)
  10. murph

    $500 which components?

    Hybrid Audio Legatia
  11. murph

    What to expect from my new ssa dcon 12?

    In a couple of months you'll probably be buying a XCON.
  12. That's a great price for what it looks like you might be getting. Definitely better in the under 350 price range,
  13. murph

    What's up with tuning to 35hz?

    Well the tumult is the first subwoofer to use the XBL^2. There are very slight differences in the top plate and there are differences in the gap. They are nearly identical though.
  14. murph

    What's up with tuning to 35hz?

    These are tumults. The the first one is the first gen and the most desirable.