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  1. itsblown

    test ton db

    the more negative the test tone the higher your gain will be set.
  2. itsblown

    Sundown SA 10 or 12...

    moaaarrrr cone area= more b00m b00m
  3. Pics, we need pics. I would try putting some kind of brace from the bottom of the trunk to the rear deck to kind of push up on the rear windshield maybe that would help? what kind of a car do you have? I know on my hatchback I had the same problem and everytime I would push on the glass it would stop. It ended up being the rear wiper motor assembly
  4. Im not saying its impossible to fit that 18 in there its just more work than it is worth. Youre talking about doing some serious modifications to your car to get that to fit in there in any kind of a respectable enclosure.
  5. like said above its impossible to wire them to 1 ohm and the 2 8 ohm subs will be seeing less power. If you have all 4 subs in the same enclosure the difference in power level will probably cause some cancellation too
  6. itsblown

    I need a 4 channel amp for less than $150

    Thosee PPI's arent too bad actually. My brother is using a ppi phantom 900.4 and it puts out
  7. itsblown

    (2) Sundown Audio Sa8 v.2 Dual 4 ohm

    sold please close
  8. itsblown

    (2) Sundown Audio Sa8 v.2 Dual 4 ohm

    Carpet is comming up were it meets the port but a little line of glue should do it. Tuned to 33hz 45 degree corners and a brace dowwell inbetween the two woofers. Constructed out of birch.Still have the plans for it if you are curious. its 34 inches wide 11 inches tall and 15 inches deep. Were you interested in a local pick up?
  9. itsblown

    (2) Sundown Audio Sa8 v.2 Dual 4 ohm

    let me get your zip code
  10. Different brands for coaxial speakers I really don't have any suggestions other than looking into hybrid audio's mirus. The best advice I can give you is to do components, they are generally leaps and bounds above coaxial. Also forget the back speakers, disconnect them. A lot of people including myself don't use rear speakers. I too started out at 16 with a set of coaxial in the front and in the back, after switching to components in the front and no rears I haven't looked back. Not running rear speakers will give you a better budget to spend on your front speakers and allow you to get a 2 channel amp which is generally cheaper than 4 channels meaning you can probably get a more powerful 2 channel for the same price you were spending on the 4 channel pioneer. What exactly are you worried about when it comes to componenet speakers? there is leaps and bounds of info when it comes to installing them here on this forum
  11. itsblown

    2 sa-10 d4

    Ive got 2 sa-8 v.2 dual 4s in great shaped for 250 shipped
  12. itsblown

    (2) Sundown Audio Sa8 v.2 Dual 4 ohm

    If anyone is seriously interested in these I can also send pics of the coils reading out 4 Ohms