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  1. bump. Only have the right angle'd pieces left
  2. $75 shipped for all 4. And partial trades only if you had some odd end stuff. No audio. only tools, electronics and car, truck, motorcycle accessories.
  3. keep hope alive taught me single handedly more than any other person on the internet and was by far the most polite, helpful and insightful.
  4. See. Right there. That says it all. Unless you've got the extra space, time and money to own a car like that. Then it just isn't practical.
  5. You've had that signature saying "coming soon" for a long time. And there is nothing wrong with that. Because the feeling of accomplishing that goal is amazing. BUT. If it's affecting your mood, family, relationships, work and well being. It's something to consider. Projects and hobbies are meant to be fun. Which is why I stopped mine. Because it wasn't fun anymore. It was stressful which is not what a hobby is supposed to be.
  6. What is lane departure? Nice. How do you like the car and the engine compared to what you've owned previously?
  7. I still consider myself a n00b. I don't know as much as you. I was doing a lot of reading and taking a lot of advice for my build. But I agree. I know enough where if I did something small. I could make it really nice. I keep telling my friends that 2 12s on 500-1000watts would blow their minds if done right. But they all have this opinion formed that it takes 5k+ to be loud just because it's what people like you and I did. But that is not true. I have heard 1k on 2 12s get very loud.
  8. What motor did you go with in the fusion? For me. The Silverado is a RIDICULOUS difference to what I own. My jetta had powered windows and power steering as its only working luxary. The power steering was leaking from the rack and The cruise control was broken and I removed the A/C (I don't use a/c anyways). The bimmer has A/C as it's only luxary. No power steering, manual seats, manual windows, so basically a fun enthusiast car. The bike has no luxaries. No heated grips or cruise. But the truck I got is an LT3. Because I told myself I wanted to own at least 1 vehicle that spoils me.
  9. Keep things simple Ok. Now I remember that Scion TC. It's been awhile since I have actually sat on a forum. I have 1 friend who is into audio. He has a powered infinity subwoofer. All it needs is RCAs and a power/ground to it. He offered it to me to buy because I told him that is about all I'd do. Something super simple and small.
  10. $20 plus shipping. I should be able to flat rate envelope them. ---------- Post added at 11:46 AM ---------- Previous post was at 11:46 AM ---------- Still have the machined pair
  11. $500 via paypal plus only pay for USPS shipping costs. I have the boxes that corey at SPL shipped them to me in. So I have sturdy shipping boxes. Shipping is probably $40-60 a pieces. I am 99% sure its $40 a piece.
  12. The set up in your signature? I listen to 90% of my music on headphones and I am happy with that. I have a pair of headphones I love so much that I bought a pair after they were discontinued and before the price on them soared. Audio in the car was hard anyways. I have 2 friends who like their music loud and hardly ever have them in my car. SO whenever I have my girl friend, brothers or the other friends. Music is always off or quiet. In fact. I tried playing a song yesterday loud and my girl friend instantly asked me to turn it down. So doing a big system would have never gotten its worth in play time.