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  1. ilikeradios

    Help me with a pair of Skar ZVX 8's

    so 8's facing forward firing into the front seat, how much room between the subs and seat? Port firing towards door, how far away should port be from door? 2-8's on around 1,200 watts, is that enough? They can handle 2k but I don't have the correct ohm load.
  2. ilikeradios

    Help me with a pair of Skar ZVX 8's

    I just picked up a pair of these. They are dual 2 ohms so I will have to run them at 2 ohms on my RP 2000.1 I am putting them in my Ford Sport Trac My rear seat folds down into a flat platform. It is a 2/3 split. I want to remove the larger side and build a box, this will allow me to put one person in the back when needed. The rest of the time the back is just for my dog and cargo. This is basically the setup, So anyway I am surprised the subs require so much airspace. Skar says 1.2 cubes each, that is pretty big. I am thinking a pvc tube is the only way I am getting a port to work. So thinking subs firing forward and the port sideways firing towards the rear door. How much room should I have between the subs and the back of the front seat, I am hoping 2-3 inches is enough? Thoughts?
  3. ilikeradios

    Foose f150 project

    you have 8 tweeters, is that correct?
  4. ilikeradios

    What sub would work for this box?

    I've decided to scratch that idea. it is always the same **** with every new car I get, how much room do I want to give up to have good bass. I really wish I lived in an area with more systems so I could hear different setup's. I would love to know how much bass I could get out of just 1 beast 12" My 2 Skar 12's are more than I need but one is not enough.
  5. ilikeradios

    What sub would work for this box?

    I will not have the gain up much anyway, it just is the sub amp I have laying around to use. I have 2 questions. 1) How does a downfiring sub sound, can it get loud? 2) What sub, any sub under $250 would get the loudest in that box? this is how the box looks and would work perfect as I could toss anything back there without worries. If this idea is crap then let me know. I am not going for car breaking bass like I just had in my last setup but want something that is pretty decent loud.
  6. ilikeradios

    What sub would work for this box?

    I know, a strange way of doing it. I just picked up a Scion Xb to use for daily duties and need a sub setup that will let me use the storage area without worrying about the subwoofer getting damaged. I found this prefab downfiring box that would be perfect. Here are the specs of the box. Gross Airspace: 1.67 Cu.Ft. Net Airspace: 1.51 Cu.Ft. Mounting Depth: 7" Port Dimensions: 8" x 1 1/2" x 14" Port Volume: .11 Cu.Ft. Tuned @ 34Hz The subs I have laying around are the following: Skar 12"vvx v1 Alpine 10" Type R JL Audio 10w3v2 I can also buy something else if needed. I just feel like the box is too small for a 12" and wonder if a 10" would give me the bass I like. Amp is a Skar RP2000
  7. ilikeradios

    how many of yall

    For what reason did you post that? it has nothing at all to do with the OP and has nothing at all to do with the thread. it really just makes you look like a dumb attention *****.
  8. ilikeradios

    How many channels do i need

    I have my tweeters connected to my headunit on an active Pioneer and it sounds very good, have you heard that setup before as it works good and is pretty common. My tweeters play from 3.1K and up and the headunit has no issue supplying them. To the OP that is a good plan and works well. I have my tweeters on the headunit My 6.5's on a 100x2 amp and my subs on 2,000 watts
  9. ilikeradios

    Front end alignment

    Dude shut the 'f' up bro. "Take it to a place that will do it right and pay them whatever they want" makes you sound like a complete D-Bag
  10. ilikeradios

    Are All Amps Bridgeable?

    yes it will be fine. Tune it to around 35-37 hz and it will be plenty loud
  11. ilikeradios

    Are All Amps Bridgeable?

    That Skar in a decent built box will be 100x better than what you were looking at.
  12. ilikeradios

    Are All Amps Bridgeable?

    honestly with your budget I would look for something used in your local Craigslist, Facebook, ect that has a sub in a box already.
  13. ilikeradios

    Are All Amps Bridgeable?

    you need a box to place the subs into, you understand that, correct? You cannot place them on the rear seat and have any bass at all.
  14. ilikeradios

    Are All Amps Bridgeable?

    ok - let's start at why are you looking at 6" woofers? How do you plan to mount them? I am going to guess you are thinking about your rear deck or doors, right?
  15. isn't their a pot on it for sensitivity adjustment? wrap it in cloth until you get the result you are looking for.