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  1. splwj47

    Tantric HD10 vs. Sundown Zv.4 10"

    cool test tfade. would like to see hdd vs zv4 though, be a better match up.
  2. interested in a trade for some shok tweeter pods? preferably on # 2, 3 or 4.
  3. 100 shipped obo. willing to trade for headunit as well.
  4. Get em while you can. Otherwise there getting traded to stanky for an amp.
  5. not looking for anything pretty, just functional.
  6. splwj47

    FS: Tantric Sounds HDD 12's

    bump. no one wants some beast ass subs?
  7. want to trade shok tweeter pods for 4 channel amp. want amp that is of equal value as pods (100.00-150.00) let me know what you got.
  8. splwj47

    FS: Tantric Sounds HDD 12's

    bump. ill do 725 shipped anywhere in the United States and Canada for both complete subs. and 625 shipped for one sub and motor.
  9. splwj47

    overall I've been disappointed

    1. ported. 2. wire down to .5 3. good box design. you have it wired to 2ohms so you wont be seeing 1krms after rise. don't clip your shit