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  1. fisubsaregross

    Enclosure for 18" FI BTL N2

    I've got 2 kinetic cell 950 amp batteries behind the side walls of my trunk. I'm all set on those. I just need dimensions and port size. I can't seem to find a helpful website
  2. I need to build a nice enlosure 4.5 cubes to 8.0 cubes for my Fi 18" BTL N2. Problem is, I don't know how to build a box and tune it to 35 hertz. I've got a Mazda 3 sedan so my room to play in my trunk is 30 width, 36 depth, and 18 height. Can anyone help me design a box with a round or slit port that'll get me to 35 hertz?
  3. fisubsaregross

    Best amp for a 18 inch FI BTL N2

    I think I'm gonna go with the Crescendo
  4. fisubsaregross

    XXXbassheads new setup

    Thats gonna slam
  5. fisubsaregross

    Best amp for a 18 inch FI BTL N2

    I am going to be getting a 18 inch FI. It runs at 2000 rms and I want to get a better amp thatn my 2000 watt powerbass mono. I am looking into getting a Audioque 2200 so I can really push my FI to the limit. What are your thoughts on this, what would you suggest?
  6. fisubsaregross

    Subwoofer enclosure tuning?????HELP!!!

    30 width, 36 depth, and 18 height is my room to play with
  7. Hi, new to the forum so here it goes. I am going to purchase a single 18 inch FI BTL N2 subwoofer for my Mazda 3. SO the real question is, how big and how big should the port be to satisfy my subwoofers needs. FI says that the prime enclosure would be between 4.5 cubic feet and 8.0 cubic feet. I want to tune my box to 35 hertz. The only issue I have is the height in my trunk. I calculated the xmax of the sub and the height of the box can only be 18 inches. I am putting the sub on the top of the box due to the height of the trunk. If you guys could help me out that would be really sick.