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  1. why yes!! if you can find a video or pictures of 2 IA 4 channels and an IA Monoblock under the front seats of a 2500 Dodge im all for it.....but I wont hold my breath as doing that would either hinder seat movement, hinder the AC ducts in the floor under the seat, or at the least be an issue in the winter with heat from the seat warmers that definitely put out on these trucks.....
  2. Thanks buddy....hopefully I can get back on my truck soon and get it all figured out. And yes you are definitely right about it being a pain in the ass, I bet even more so in a 1500 without the extra cab space....but at least you can utilize under your backseat whereas I cant.....
  3. you apparently dont know the dimensions of the amps im running and the space to work with....and your logic is hogshit...just because something "can" be done doesn't mean it "should" be done....but i appreciate the useless comment and spelling correction 👍👍
  4. Late reply but thanks man......got more pictures and updates on my truck but it kind of got put on hold due to a customer coming in the shop with a Chrysler 300 show car and wanting to drop about 20 grand in audio equipment and fabrication so been busy with that but fixing to be done and starting on my truck build again.