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  1. gckless

    Power and sound quality?

    Nah, been there, done that bro. No need for round 2!
  2. gckless

    do caps work?

    You could just drag a bare wire behind your car. If it's touching the ground, that's a direct ground run.
  3. gckless

    Power and sound quality?

    Huh? Could you explain that please?
  4. Nice going man, good to see you're enjoying it. Keep at it!
  5. gckless

    Spider monkey

    Jeez, just blow him already.
  6. It stops reading/accessing it, but voltage doesn't waver. Which he could solve by simply shutting off the HU or switching to a different source. What exactly do you propose?
  7. Yeah, what do you think happens in a computer? And what exactly do you want it to do? I think it would be more hazardous to the SSD's health to have a low voltage for a period of time.
  8. Those mids, which are already strained, need either a higher point or a steeper slope than that. Mids need to be able to play down below 150Hz in a two-way. And why buy a sub that won't work for you? Find other options.
  9. gckless

    What 12 or 15 inch sub should i get for a sealed box?

    You could get both of mine: http://www.caraudio.com/forums/subwoofer-classifieds/624055-dayton-audio-reference-ho-15-a.html#post8798206 Optimum enclosure size is 1.6 cubic feet each. Stuff the box, and you could get both of these in the same size box as most single 15s.
  10. gckless

    fs. Rockford fosgate rfx 9420

    Crazy, people still can't follow rules, even when they're written in the ad they posted.
  11. gckless

    wattage in a av receiver....

    Not many people realize just how little power it takes to get loud with even decently efficient drivers. Even in a car.