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  1. cyn

    Belva amps

    How was the low frequency from them?
  2. cyn

    Belva amps

    Anyone uses these amps or anyone tested them?
  3. cyn

    150$ sub

    Xfl 15.. Sonic has 15$ off right now plus free shipping.
  4. 175-200 each. Depending on how good of shape and so forth.
  5. https://www.dropbox.com/s/9gsxvstw0n32tk7/20160721_193128.jpg?dl=0
  6. So i have my box built. Sealed for now. 4.6cubes net sealed. Building my square 6×6 port soon. Pretty impressed with the lows and loudness on juat 500watts in the sealed box. Once my new wires and deck gets in ill put the port in do the big 3 and wire it to 1ohm and put 1k on it.
  7. So ive figured up this on rhw box. 48"l * 20"d * 12"h.. Square port 6"*6" 16"l .. 32hz. Box should be net 4.51cubes after all displacement. Will be running the sub at 4ohms with 500watts on it.
  8. 37.5"L * 14"H * 23"D Kerf port opening 9" Interior port length 14.75" Ext. Port 12.75" / 7.25" 4.5" then flares at the beginning of the 7.25 length to 9".. 3.8cubes 32hz
  9. Okay since i was vague or open on comments foe help on what the AB XFL15s like box wise lets narrow it down. I want lows, something tuned to 28-32hrz.. 3.8-4.5 cubes. I have wiggle room in box size. 44"L - 24"AD - 28"H is my max. So any help would work. Just want a good street pounder.. Ported.. 4th Order etc..
  10. Looking for alittle help on building a box for american badd xfl 15" d2 .. Using pr1000.1 amp.. Colorada ext cab.
  11. cyn

    Any Louisiana people?

    Moved to Orange, Tx but work in LC still.
  12. https://www.dropbox.com/s/zfz4qcp19eok25w/20140603_103035.jpg https://www.dropbox.com/s/i8paw5gfqzli05n/20140603_103042.jpg https://www.dropbox.com/s/iriiftrd08ctvdt/20140603_103055.jpg