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    i like to jump over rocks.
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    indianapolis, indiana
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    mayhem 18 d1, aq2200d, knu konceptz 1/0, deka batts, kenwood double din, cheap coaxils
  1. theslamologist

    nightshade v2 motor

    I need a 4th nsv2 motor or sub 12" preffered. if i cant find one soon im gonna closet these and start a new collection. name a price on what you have and we can go from there.
  2. theslamologist

    4x T3 TS Motors For Sale

    these were 10s but i got them as motors and its actually a 2.4 inch coil, psi has the special coils for them, and they have a 6 x 4.25" bolt pattern. gaps are clean and very tight, efficient on low power like all t3 motors. these would make some ****** 8s-12s
  3. theslamologist

    Got some batteries for sale here!!

    these batts are the real deal guys, and a good guy to deal with. i just drove from indianapolis to st. louis to pick some up lol **batteries are 68 lbs each, still have terminals in the bags on top, and are all resting roughly between 12.8 and 13.2** he also let me take two extra with an agreement to pay for the via paypal, so let it be known that i will be sending usafbordeaux a paypal in the amount of 200.00 of friday september 28, 2012. Thanks man!!
  4. I need a few agm batteries preferably 3 kinetik 2000/2400s, or similar power of another brand. since batteries are extremely heavy, I also prefer a local deal near indianapolis or i can drive up to 2 hours any direction for a good deal but no shipping. i have cash.
  5. I have a 4 cyl 95 eclipse with the 420a engine, any chance you have a 300a alt and/or possible to make a dual bracket?
  6. theslamologist

    Audioque 3500D

    If he doesn't take it ^i have second call, cash in hand.
  7. theslamologist

    RD Audio D9

    do you have good pics of the "other one?" what is specifically wrong with it?
  8. theslamologist

    15" or 18" (18" preferred)

    350+ shipping or we could meet halfway between akron and indianapolis for the crossfire
  9. theslamologist

    15" or 18" (18" preferred)

    this is my ad on caco, PM if youre interested. most people would say this is better than the btl in most applications Crossfire xs v.2 18 d2 - Car Audio Classifieds
  10. Would you consider cash for a roll or two?
  11. theslamologist

    need nightshade v.1 motor

    bump i have alot of money waiting for this motor
  12. theslamologist

    need nightshade v.1 motor

    nah, actually im kinda pissed about that. i messaged them, posted on their threads, and texted one of them, and they were all gone by the time i got a reply. shiitayyy
  13. theslamologist

    WTB: 2 12''s or 1 15'' moofer

    brand new alpine type R 15 d2, new model with better venting. not a single scratch or dust particle, 160 shipped.
  14. i need an nsv1 motor scratches are ok but no shift or cracks i have plenty of trades and cash. want all cash? no problem, in paypal waiting. 100-180 dollars depending. someone please find me this **** motor. im desperate.