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  1. jMasters

    Joe's Stereo in San Diego

    Nice ill tell him that when i see him. Thanks!
  2. jMasters

    Joe's Stereo in San Diego

    They are located at 3091 Market Street. Here is their website Joe's Stereo | Car Stereo San Diego | Auto Accessories San Diego I'm not to sure about the prices because my friend is pretty **** when it comes to telling his friends about money. But from what my friend has told me hes always going to go back to them for any work that he wants done on his car
  3. jMasters

    Joe's Stereo in San Diego

    I just moved here to San Diego and couple of my friends needed some work done to their camero. So we looked around and found this place Joe's Stereo. It looked pretty clean so we went in and these guys were nice. It was quick and my friends car looks amazing!