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  1. have 2- d3400's about 5yrs old im going to add 1 more should i put the new battery first in line or last ? or does it even matter
  2. sundown mono amps have 2 sets of speaker inputs im running 2- 1 ohm dvc subs can i run each sub into its own input instead of wiring subs together in box and then running 1 set of speaker wires to the amp ?
  3. buckeyes#1

    pushing 2 zv5 12's

    2000 watts a piece wouldn't even move these subs
  4. buckeyes#1

    pushing 2 zv5 12's

    sundown 7500 or a hcca orion 11000.1 in a 4th order blow thru box @ 1 ohm? would the orion be to much
  5. Looking for some builders in Ohio for a small 4th order build for a blow thru s10, i tried tc designs i thinking hes to busy i cant hardly get a response from him and same from the custom box shop so wanting to see if there is anyone else available
  6. buckeyes#1

    7-8k amplifier

    Whatever I want a scv 7500 or equal to. .I have amps to sell but like to find 1 first before I sell mine
  7. Looking for a 7-8k amplifier , NO BRAZILIAN, have smaller amps if u wanted to trade
  8. buckeyes#1

    12" Sundown ZV3

  9. buckeyes#1

    12" Sundown ZV3

    Sorry guys i have the subs boxed and ready to ship but here is a better pic if you have good soldering skills and a make a new terminal this sub would be ready to go [/img]
  10. buckeyes#1

    4-5k Watt Mono Amp

    just watched this i wasnt impressed at all
  11. buckeyes#1

    4-5k Watt Mono Amp

    Hopefully post video of the dyno
  12. buckeyes#1

    4-5k Watt Mono Amp

    Skar skv2 4500.1 under 1 hr usage $550 shipped to u
  13. buckeyes#1

    12" Sundown ZV3

    $300 for the pair
  14. buckeyes#1

    Blown SAX100.4 OFFER UP

    I honestly don't know
  15. buckeyes#1

    12" Sundown ZV3

    im in Ohio and i would like to keep together but give some time