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  1. Xytronic

    team nutz - pittsburgh

    TEAM NUTZ can **** a fat babies chubby d*ck!!! I took my BMW there to get the windows tinted. Huge mistake!!!!!! These assclowns not only broke the rear view mirror off, but refused to pay for a new one, or fix it. They told me the glass was 15 years old, or some dumb *** chit, and that the glass had broken down or deteriorated over time. I had never heard anything so freak'n funny in my life..hahahaha..I took it to "Ryans Auto Glass", the pro's, and they laughed there ***'s off as well. Seems the windshield was heated, so it was over $400 bucks to replace it. Team Nut Sack found out the price when I handed the owner and his son the replacement quote, and walked away from the repair, leaving me with a the bill..NEVER>> EVER >> TAKE YOUR CAR THERE!!!! Im still well with in my statute of limitations, and considering sueing them. IF anybody wants to sue them, the local magistrate information is:
  2. Xytronic

    July 15 Pottsville, Pa 12 Volt Thunder

    Donno yet. All the guys I compete with aren't sure because its 300 miles outta Pittsburgh. Went to Boardman Ohio last weekend and It was a really small competition
  3. Xytronic

    Pics of the Nightshade 15

    Very informative, and than you guys!!!! Im leaning towards Nightshade now , as I learn more..Some here dont like it ? I to, was thinking Nightshade , and have been trying to learn diff box config's. Im just reaching out trying to learn the product. I think I will just talk to Buck on my enclosure, as "95saturn" seemed to bash us in the nightshade 18" box build thread here http://www.caraudio.com/forums/car-audio-build-logs-cars-trucks-suvs/504939-enclosure-build-2-18-sundown-ns-v2s.html thanks for the insight guys, Buck you have a PM X
  4. I agree its an old thread, but why not bump it? I want to see what box build config's are running for Nightshade v.2 18" Subwoofer Should we not ask? I want to learn here, and came across the tread, and hope others add to the info as well Peace, X
  5. Xytronic

    Cleansoundz references

    I appreciate the feedback as I still consider myself a guest here. Good to know !! Per-sue the good fight, X
  6. Looks great brutha, and can you share your spec's/ diagrams on your awesome build? Very Cool!!!! X
  7. Xytronic

    Wire Comparison

    Interested in reading that as well, thanks in advance X
  8. Xytronic

    Wire Comparison

    As the Chinese say ...." WEEERY NICCCE!" Fantastic Read!!!!! Not only a "STICKY", but a "BOOKMARK", as well. Thank you sir!!!! X
  9. talk to phillip Phone: 330-875-6677 Fax: 330-875-6688 E-mail: ohiogenerator@sbcglobal.net Hours: Monday - Thursday, 9:00am - 5:30pm Friday, 8:00am - 3:30pm
  10. Xytronic

    Got my new sub. Yay!

    ok what is it,hahahahaha.... what model/size/etc ??? XTC
  11. Xytronic

    WOW found an US Amps 100hc ULTRA!

    I agree with you 100% and I am leaning towards selling on here. It belongs to a collector Thanks for the input my brutha, XTC
  12. Xytronic

    WOW found an US Amps 100hc ULTRA!

    Thats the problem The_Grimy_One, I really could use the money, but I wont sell it cheap becuase it is so rare. Teh price will definately go up as it gets older, theres no doubt!!! I definately wont sell it to somebody (knowingly) who will beat the **** out of it and not take care of it. If thats the case I will eat the money, keep it, and pass it on to my son. I have an idea what I feel its worth, but you guys tell me what you think your best "educated guess" would be. Please post your toughts as I welcome feedback Lord knows, if there was only 50 ever made, then how many do you think are "realistically" still out there? XTC
  13. Xytronic

    WOW found an US Amps 100hc ULTRA!

    Yeh, the more drivers you install, the Ohms will drop. Probibaly run 8-Dual Voice Coil Drivers down to .5 ohms all day long on this thing. I would have to buy a saburban, or something large, to fit all the drivers, and accomodate the 2 alternaters to power this peice of "Raw Power History. I love the amp, but its rediculas, and does need to go in to a "private collectors hands". I will be posting pictures next week fellas. Thanks, XTC
  14. Xytronic

    WOW found an US Amps 100hc ULTRA!

    Ok, fellas, Here’s what I was able to track done on this “ULTRA” animal, as there is little info on the net. I was actually trying to find the original owners manual on the net. I couldn’t find it, so I called “Greg” at US AMPLIFIERS (626) 833-2177. Greg told me there is NO USER MANUAL!!! Greg told me the “ULTRA” was produced from 2003-2004 and ONLY 50 WERE EVER MADE!!!!! This is a TRUE COLLECTORS AMPLIFIER and a HUGE part of the hobbies history. Here’s the deal, straight from “Greg” at US AMP. 4- 8 gauge VCC lines 4-8 gauge Grn wires 400-600 amp min. input 2 channel amp x 50W per 1/2 OHM Stable Actual Total Wattage is unknown. Estimated 6000W It is actually 1 amp with 2 power supplies. IT IS NOT 2 AMPS!!!! Although it has 2 boards, and both have their own power supplies, one is the positive rail, and the other is the negative rail. The AMP is actually considered “A/B Full RANGE”. The Amp has a HIGH dampening factor, hence making it produce “High Sound Quality”. Most used this amp for competition in the SPL category as a cheater amp. Greg competed with one of these 100HC “ULTRA’s” years ago and ended up selling his in “FAIR” condition. He ended up getting $1500 for his “ULTRA” many years back, due to its “Ok” condition. The original cost of the amp was over $2000.The one I purchased is probably a 9 out of 10, as far as condition, and never used or abused. As stated in the ebay add, it was a “closet queen” Probably going to put it back on ebay to sell as its wayyyy to much power for what I need…Before I do that, I will be attaching pics here in the near future, so please check back to this thread Regards, XTC
  15. Xytronic

    WOW found an US Amps 100hc ULTRA!

    Hey Folks Yeh, I purchased the AMP off ebay yesterday. Its is extreemly rare old skool power. Now, the question, What the Hell am I going to do with it? I was thinking about going with RE XXX or Ground Zero subs? Im not that far yet in to my build, but I have a good start. I was even considering just storing storing it as a show peice. Maybe put it in a custom plexyglass case, and using for a coffee table..Blahhhhhhh If anybody has any addtion spec's or info on this AMP please be so kind as to post it... Thanks in advance, and nice site guys XTC Attached Original Advertisement