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    spend my time trying different configurations on amps and subs for enjoyment and speakers,install from time to time.love chest banging bass and clear loud music.
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    98 X-Cab Chevy 3dr=UNDER CONSTRUCTION/////
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    2)SQ-HDS310-D2,4 CuFt@32Htz,MMats D 300HC,CrossFire TEK 100.2,Concord CA 20.2
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    99 Honda CRV-Stk,Alt.2)Oriley AGM,Kenwood X396,Hertz 6.5,CDT 25 Tweets Massive 6.5 VK6 Rears

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  1. audiobaun

    Solution to rear view mirror tilting from hella bass

    I throw mine out. As long as I have my outside mirrors on the vehicle, Its legal to travel down the road in this state.I cant hardly see out of them half the time at 3/4 tilt
  2. Id like to hear how those sound for you.Crisp/Warm or over bearing
  3. audiobaun

    Random Picture Thread

    Now thats Badd Azz!! Absolutely stunning man
  4. audiobaun

    cheap deck

    I let him do the Big 3 while I supervised on that car.LOL That was a PITA. he got in there and was excited about it.Which I like..That way he knows his system and knows how everything is done.Took a couple days of tuning though.. then later on another couple days..LOL. Ill bet that sounds pretty amazing..Ive always wanted to run those tweets. Ive ran a set of those Dayton mids. got prep the doors for those to shine well.Very Nice set up for sure.
  5. audiobaun

    cheap deck

    I had the neighbor kid across the street help me put his system in his 2000 Eclipse(had him pull his door panels in case they split on me and he wanted to learn), and he had a pioneer entry level from W-Mart. 2,5v?I believe 2 sets rca.. Just didnt have many settings nor features,, I ended up adding a pre-amp EQ I had sitting( Earthquake 7000 I believe) It helped out for the time being.We put an XFL DVC2 ohm 12 in 2.0 @32 htz on a PPI-1k and put a set of Polk DB 6,5s in there on the PPI 600.2 and he later wanted just a little more highs up front so we put a set of Kicker KS 20 tweets about mid door height on an old Concord 20.2 sounds pretty good .Found a JVC of which had JVC/Kenwood sticker on back.. we put that in later and he really enjoys it better.Nice HU for what he paid for it..It was just under $100 bucks
  6. audiobaun

    cheap deck

    Plastics to match the plastics.. Its all the same..At least it fills the Gap🙂
  7. audiobaun

    cheap deck

    LOL.. I remember the 90s.. Supertuner was King as well as the Alpines. I ran Sonys and Blaukpaunts during those times. Loved that Sony double knob cassette HU and that Concord I had.The Eclipse HUs I have are old but man are they easy to run through on the settings and sound damned clean too.Im amazed how long the 3 I have are still operational after 15+ years and still sound fantastic.I have I believe 4 Kenwood HUs left in there that I really like and will prob never give up either. Great units..Only thing is when sun hits, kinda hard see the face, but.. knowing the HU and how it operates no need see much of anything once set up properly.They have really low destortion issues at almost maxed volumes.Pretty clean.The Price for that JVC is absolutely fantastic and has T/A with EQ ect. Should be a hell of a buy.
  8. audiobaun

    cheap deck

    If you dont play CDs any more, Its a great unit it looks like to me for the $..Didnt Kenwood buy out JVC Not long ago? I think Crutchfield sends a free dash kit, or they used to. I know Sonic Electronix does
  9. audiobaun

    cheap deck

    Ive been done with Pioneer HUs, Those PICO Fuses are no bueno for me. I swapp amps from time to time.Picky Picky HUs.Doesnt take much to blow those jokers.Ive been stuck on Kenwoods and Now JVC/Kenwood HUs 4v. and I still run and try to find those older Eclipse HUs.. I like the CD series 5 and 8v
  10. audiobaun

    Wiring under 1 ohm

    Pics of said battery or specs would help here
  11. audiobaun

    Wiring under 1 ohm

    What vehicle do you have? What are the measurements of your current enclosure, and tuned to?Is it a store bought or prefab enclosure?Its possible to try a well built and properly tuned enclosure to get some better results first before spending any more funds,and getting your electrical up to meeting your demand/supply needs.
  12. audiobaun

    Wiring under 1 ohm

    Hard to say.. Not knowing what your electrical supply is for the demand..What size supply wiring do you have for the vehicle?What size ground wiring? Whats the amperage on your alternator?What vehicle?What size and group as well as type of battery under the hood,and the Marine Battery?Have you done the Big 3?If you do not have the supply for the demand, expect poor results or even damaging the amplifier due to low voltage and possibly the subs.So, what exactly are you trying to accomplish?Wanting more lows?
  13. audiobaun

    Audiopipe TXX-BD2 vs TXX-BD4

    You can buy a $600 sub and place it in a $100 prefab box and and sound like azz and prob wouldnt last 4-6 months and you are digging back into your pockets again, or you could spend $250 on a sub and $250 on a tuned enclosure for that sub and designed for that type of vehicle and out perform, outlast and sound amazing compared to what you just threw in there.The enclosure for any sub is what makes it perform at its potential along with the right power and built within its environment. Ive had some Cheap azzed Lanzar Max Pro 10s ($34 bucks ea at the time)in seperate enclosures in a 90/240Z that were tuned to right around 34 htz in 1.6 cu ft, and they banged theyre azzes off on an old mean machine 99 on ea sub.You are going need some fairly decent power to serve some justice out of a trunk install to be honest.Ill hit this thread again tomorrow.. In other words.. Dont put a bandaide on an opened up wound
  14. audiobaun

    Audiopipe TXX-BD2 vs TXX-BD4

    For now, I mean.. Run what you have and make the best of it for now. At the least.. Build a DIY enclosure for that one sub and tuned and set those gains properly on that amp and run it. Sit down.. do some research..make a list of what you want to do with that car, and make a budget/max fund build.and get some gear you know will serve well and add to it.What Id do.Get that Big 3 done min as well and run what you have till then.Thats me.. Id rather spend some $ on an enclosure for that one sub at the moment