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    spend my time trying different configurations on amps and subs for enjoyment and speakers,install from time to time.love chest banging bass and clear loud music.
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  1. I would also add that you may possibly have to reset the head unit as well
  2. The internet is full of information these days and you should be able to find all kinds of good information on line. It will also depend on what drivers you will be using as well for the enclosure/enclosures you will be building,ect.You may have to do some research on your own.
  3. audiobaun

    Replaced a stitched subwoofer surround

    Find it at Norther Tool, Lowes, H.Depot, Ace hardware, Walmart ect.
  4. audiobaun

    Replaced a stitched subwoofer surround

    Gorilla tape should work just fine if you dont want to recone it and still be able to use that sub. Id recommend using a heat gun or a hair dryer to heat up the glue from the gorilla tape and either use a roller or just press with your hand enough to make sure it sticks well. prob be best to do both sides of the sub to make it a bit more rugged.Its either that or reone or replace the sub.Gorilla tape is about $6-8 bucks a roll. pretty good tape IMO
  5. 2 XFLs/12s in 4.0 at 32htz on some decent power will tear that Jeep apart if you dont do some deadening.Ive had 2k on a singe 10 and it ate that chit up all day long
  6. audiobaun

    My local pawn shop find

    Just noticed them.Good grief man..Best of luck selling that door mat!!👀
  7. audiobaun

    Best budget 12?

    https://www.ebay.com/itm/NEW-XO1044-American-Bass-10-Wooofer-600W-Max-4-Ohm-DVC/152625564956?epid=2254437039&hash=item2389314d1c:g:9KAAAOSwgeBaapw7 I can deff recommend this sub from experiencing.I have a ten inch version and it sounds great for the money.I would imagine that the 12" version wouldnt be any different. Great sub for the money
  8. audiobaun

    My local pawn shop find

    Bummer man ☹️
  9. audiobaun

    Subs and amp randomly quit

    Check all your supply wiring and ground wiring and remote wire.check all your RCA connections..get your alternator bench tested..get your battery bench tested.Check all your fuses and block connections.Pull your sub or subs and check the connections..Check your coils on each sub unwired from the amplifier and independently with a DMM. That would be a start for you.
  10. audiobaun

    Am I retarded?

    Its the Smell..This Place..These thoughts in my head..and This Mind..I need to get into this mind😨
  11. audiobaun

    amp ideas?

    I like and use Stinger Scroll fans myself.Plenty of CFMs Ive always placed on raised sub amps/amps. I got all my chits pulled atm. Looking at getting a Surburb to do another build next summer.these have always ran fine and serve well. The box style Ive seen @100+ CFMs for less $, but a PITA for me to mount and ugly in my opinion https://www.ebay.com/itm/Stinger-SGJ78-Car-Stereo-12-Volt-8-1-4-Inch-Cross-Flow-Amplifier-Amp-Cooling-Fan/401071129948?epid=24016322255&hash=item5d61b3c55c:g:zi0AAOSwdSRZ72Xc&vxp=mtr 105CFM. I dont think they are that loud myself.As stated..you hear it when volume is down really low or all way down. But of course depends on how close you are to it https://www.sonicelectronix.com/item_16881_Stinger-SGJ34.html
  12. audiobaun

    amp ideas?

    If you want to keep your amps on the back of the seats and not have to relocate them/ and the wiring and Rcas, ect.. Just buy some 1/2" plywood and cut to form the back seats and screw those to the seats(cover, paint, carpet? whatever finish you desire) and either drill holes or a single slot and run your wiring through to reattatch your connections and RCAs..to a custom finish.You can spend very little money doing this or quite a bit depending on your finished ideas. I did a 92 Integra with 1/2" plywood finished with Flexstone paint.turned out nice
  13. audiobaun

    What would cause this fuse to melted?

    What brand and model are your amps/ specs? What vehicle?Alternator amperage?What kind of battery or do you have or two?have you done the big 3?And set up/sub/subs and ohm load, as well as front stage speakers and ohm load? Takes power to make power.Size and type of wiring for supply and ground/grounds.these are needed to know to give an idea if 4 ga run/supply will work fine or if you need to upgrade possibly somewhere within your system.
  14. audiobaun

    crossife c7 amps

    Id snag those up at that price!! Id deff go take a look at them and have him power each one up.Maybe he has a sub to hook up to test them all out.. Being Bnew, he should have at least one box and a spec booklet??Something to think about if he is a seller.Id at lest go take a look though
  15. audiobaun

    Yay for goodies!!

    Very good.I hope you get it all installed well.