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    spend my time trying different configurations on amps and subs for enjoyment and speakers,install from time to time.love chest banging bass and clear loud music.
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    98 X-Cab Chevy 3dr=UNDER CONSTRUCTION/////
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  1. audiobaun

    Mid range.

    https://www.ebay.com/itm/FOCAL-AUDIO-13HP-OEM-5-25-MIDRANGE-4-OHM-MIDBASS-SPEAKER-CAR-HOME-MID-NEW/120605797656?epid=1739042286&hash=item1c14aa6d18:g:KHwAAOSwYGFUtXxS:sc:USPSFirstClass!75189!US!-1 Id prob throw something like these in there if it were my vehicle.Rear fill off deck power should do fine.Just an option to look at. im sure others will chime in with other options
  2. audiobaun


    https://www.ebay.com/itm/2-Polk-Audio-DB652-6-5-300-Watt-Car-Audio-Speakers-Rockmat/302145532804?hash=item465946f384:g:iBcAAOSwH2VaKjYs These have been some fairly decent drop ins lately for me.
  3. audiobaun

    How long will it last?

    Looks like it will hold just fine to me..Hopefully it will get down pretty nicely.Interesting design. I like it
  4. audiobaun

    Boomin_tahoe's s10 build

    Nothing like customizing.Always satisfaction in the end.Id like to get a nice router set up again by summer.Been a while since Ive used one.Time as well.
  5. audiobaun

    How long will it last?

    I guess Ive never taken a look at that..LOL Ill be older than most next month so to speak.I still enjoy this hobby,and always will. I enjoy music and working with car audio. Lots of satisfaction,and has always be interesting.
  6. It should sound a little better than stock.I hope it all turns out well.You have plenty of room in that vehicle to do whatever youd like.I recommend to deaden the front doors if you have the time and funds.Its worth it.
  7. audiobaun

    Bassin in Acura RSX

    One thing for certain..well maybe two things..Its a pretty reliable car, not a whole lot goes wrong with them..the other is, that it will always be a sought after vehicle, so resale would be pretty quick,.
  8. audiobaun

    IMG_20151214_201933 (1).jpg

    Yes..Power needs to be OFF in order to flip the switch from 2 ohm to 1 ohm. That amplifier is able to run at 1 ohm stereo with the switch at 1 ohm.
  9. You should be just fine with a 250-300/amp ANL fuse at the battery with the 0ga wiring and follow up with proper fusing like a distro block at the amp/amps for fusing.Should be approx 20-25ft run of wiring for that vehicle, that alt should be plenty with the Big 3 in 0ga, and a decent Group 34/78 AGM battery for that amplifier, and a decent 75-100x4 mids and highs amplifier with a good ground
  10. audiobaun

    Four DD 9918 SC

    How about following the rules for posting things for sale with USER NAME AND DATE WITH PICS FOR ITEM SELLING? This posting needs to be removed/or updated properly
  11. Same here.. This could be considered as a gift. Stop giving money to this guy until you have a bill of sale in hand and the title.
  12. Any transaction of Payment on the vehicle , you should have had a Bill Of Sale, or Title In hand for any money.This money can be considered as a gift without any agreement on paper dated and signed for the vehicle ect.
  13. If you have both, you can call the local authorities and let them know you are going to get it, so you are covered.You can have it towed with a title in hand if you dont have a way to drive it.be like $125 bucks or less depending on the distance to have it towed. Ive had to do that in the past. But Id call and ask what you can and can not do.I had keys, and title was in my name and in an apartment complex,I just went and got it.One vehicle I had to tow it before.I called ahead so to keep from issues.
  14. Sounds like a bunch of BS to me.Without a title in hand and a bill of sale its still considered his vehicle
  15. What size power wire/supply ?