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    spend my time trying different configurations on amps and subs for enjoyment and speakers,install from time to time.love chest banging bass and clear loud music.
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    98 X-Cab Chevy 3dr=UNDER CONSTRUCTION/////
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    2)SQ-HDS310-D2,4 CuFt@32Htz,MMats D 300HC,CrossFire TEK 100.2,Concord CA 20.2
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    99 Honda CRV-Stk,Alt.2)Oriley AGM,Kenwood X396,Hertz 6.5,CDT 25 Tweets Massive 6.5 VK6 Rears

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  1. Ill agree.. Those older VVX subs are actually really good subs.If you could run them again Id hold on to them..Ill bet you could fetch more like $125ea.. on the subs..Amp is pretty much an entry level as stated..$40-$75 bucks Im sure
  2. audiobaun

    Need help

    Very good.I hope that you get it done right and it turns out well. Everyone that gives help and input on here really appreciates the turn out of events.It also helps others seeking information as well.If you need any other information, just ask. Thats what this forum is all about..People with experience and others that have experienced, and willing to share theyre installations to help others.Questions can be answered on here from those of whom have experienced different types of car audio installations from one system install to numerous and several years of trial and error.We learn from each other.
  3. audiobaun

    Kicker ZR600

    Great old school amp.Its actually a dammned beast for what it is. Its 2 ohm mono stable and will beat the hell out of a pair of 600 rms subs all day long.I still have a pair of ZR 240s and ran one at 2 ohms on a 1ksub for about 4 months till my neighbor got a more effecient amp.The Kicker Impulse amps were clearly JUNK.I wouldnt even run one on a pair of tweets.Yet the majority of the Older Kicker amps were very reliable and workhorses,actually still are to be honest.Impulse series were just Junk. You have the big 3 done and two good batteries and that amp will be pretty brute.Great amp!
  4. audiobaun

    Need help

    https://www.ebay.com/itm/NEW-XD1022-American-Bass-10-Woofer-900W-Max-2-Ohm-DVC-/152935174195?hash=item239ba59033 A pair of these will work wired down to 2ohm.I have a single 10 a DVC 4 ohm sub I put in a neighbors vehicle in 1.6 cubes at approx 34 htz with approx 400 rms and it sounded very nice.for the $.A pair would prob do just fine in the enclosure you showed a pick of and be just fine on your amp you have at 2 ohm stable
  5. audiobaun

    Need help

    You need to get to 2 ohm Stable for the amplifier you have for a pair of woofers..two DVC 2 ohm subs or two SVC 4 ohm subs https://www.the12volt.com/caraudio/subwoofer-wiring-diagrams.asp?Q=2&I=22 https://www.the12volt.com/caraudio/subwoofer-wiring-diagrams.asp?Q=2&I=41
  6. audiobaun

    Need help

    that box is roughly 2.5 cu, ft. for a pair of tens.Prob tuned around 35-38 htz? Not knowing the demensions of the port leaves us unknown of tuning.Prob be decent for a pair of Sound Qubed HDS 210s https://soundqubed.com/product/hds2-1-2/ Out of Stock at the moment for two 2 ohm DVC subs but should surfice.Ill look at other options. https://www.ebay.com/itm/AMERICAN-BASS-DX104-SINGLE-4-OHM-DX-10-CAR-STEREO-SUBWOOFER-600-WATT-SUB-DX10/182629696979?epid=10006503093&hash=item2a859405d3%3Ag%3AwbUAAOSw~jpZ1XW7&_sacat=3270&_nkw=american+bass+10&_from=R40&rt=nc&_trksid=p2380057.m570.l2632.R2.TR5.TRC1.A0.H0.Xamerican+bass+10".TRS0 I think a pair of these will be just fine in your box you have and should be just fine on that amp you have for now.Just my 2 cents
  7. audiobaun

    I'm so happy!!!

    You would be surprised that Walmart has quite a bit to offer for material in the fabric section..Jo Anns here in Dallas has a verity. Even Targets, Couple Hobby Lobbies, Big Lots,Kohls,ect
  8. audiobaun

    I'm so happy!!!

    Everyone wants NEW NEW NEW.. Im about quality and needs and what makes sense , practical if you will.Ive had all the BNEW stuff over the years, big houses,name brand clothing, and trying to keep up with the Jones so to speak... It cost me nothing but PURE DEBT. Debt that took me years to PAY OFF and took me away from the Things I enjoyed the most and and had and had to get rid of. Buy what you can afford, Used isnt anything to be ashamed of, especially if they are Gems. I drive a 98 ,3 door Chevy truck and have an 08 HHR, and a 99 CRV, and all paid for and Id rather drive my truck with the hit of a/c working or not than all these computer operated vehicles.I mean on the HHR for instance.. 3 brake light bulb is out, the cruise control will not work?? WTF??Appreciate what you have and take care of what you have, and it will last in most cases. I have my original amps from the 80s /90s that still work excellent and look great.
  9. audiobaun

    Need help

    By the specs. Looks like that amp is stable down to 2ohm mono @ 500 rms What are the measurements of your sub woofer enclosure?What vehicle do you have it in?You can do a pair of SVC 4 ohm subs,a pair of DVC 2 ohm subs,single 4,or a DVC 4 ohm sub woofer with a Radiator, or a single sub by sealing off the other opening if it meet the criteria for a single sub of DVC 4ohm.That enclosure measurements will really need be known to get the proper sub/subs in there to get most out of what you have. Ported?Or Sealed?
  10. JL RF, especially when they started that Practice Safe sound garbage back in the 90s S.Down S.Stream newstuff Few others
  11. audiobaun

    I'm so happy!!!

    You could throw a Dayton HO 10 in there.Only need 1 CU FT sealed? It did well for me in 1.6 at approx. 35 htz. on approx,600 rms@ 2 ohms mono.in a crv till I upgraded to a pair in 2.4 sealed
  12. audiobaun

    RARE Autotek Mean Machine 66

    Amplifier has SOLD!! Please close this out. Thanks!
  13. audiobaun

    Door Deadening / 'First Gen CTS

    Be sure to clean your doors pretty good before applying any Matt. Alcohol is cheap and works very well. Drys pretty quick also.
  14. audiobaun

    Door Deadening / 'First Gen CTS

    I used ABS plastic sheets screwed on top of those door parts so I could access later if need be and just siliconed to seal around them.Rest i Matted the entire doors and placed on back of inside door panel also, help deaden the door .I used a heat gun and rolled on to make a good adhere process.Just enough make it sticky not to melt.Approx 3-4 layers on my truck 2 layers on inside door panel. cut small sheets so easier to place and work with.You can find 1/8"-1/4" ABS sheets shipped off Ebay
  15. audiobaun

    I'm so happy!!!

    That would be Ideal way to go there.dedicated sub amp and dedicated 4 ch. keep running a bit cooler and some power on tap for the $