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  1. These would sell faster if you didn't want. 200 more than what others are asking for them.
  2. rebelfromva

    aq 3500 great price

    Did this come from yotabass
  3. rebelfromva

    List of known scammers

    How is Jeff a scammer?
  4. rebelfromva

    Lots of stuff

    That would be 4x100. Op Trades on the bnib 4x100 set?
  5. rebelfromva

    Blown Sundown 18

    Bring it on down to richmond
  6. rebelfromva

    Wtb dc neo subs

    Lvl 5 12s
  7. rebelfromva

    ARAI Corsair-V Helmet

    Retail $720 d@mn. Makes my quad helmet look like a dollar item. Glws though.
  8. rebelfromva

    15" DC lvl 4 w/ lvl5 soft part

    @3.5 per tuned 33-38. M1?
  9. rebelfromva

    Wtb dc neo subs

    Good luck finding those man. Took me months to find a used lvl 5 and they still produce those
  10. rebelfromva

    Custom built dc audio 12s

    Neither had 3.5" coil and no m2 have that hole. Lookalike a cross between the two.
  11. rebelfromva

    Custom built dc audio 12s

    Lvl 5 m2? ---------- Post added at 01:45 PM ---------- Previous post was at 01:44 PM ---------- Surely don't have that hole in the middle of my motors.
  12. rebelfromva

    15" Woofer. Looking for options.

    Have a DC Xl m2 15 up for grabs. Pm me your number for pic
  13. rebelfromva

    Columbus, GA and Phenix City/Auburn, AL audio group

    We have something like this out here in VA. It had been started a while back and the number of turn out has multiplied and a bunch of surrounding state guys are on the fb group now.