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  1. jedwards83

    Audiobahn aw 1005 - who knows about it?

    Sounds like you have the original AW1005's. These subs were sold in the late 90's to early '00's. The link the fellow provided above is essentially the same sub. Audiobahn went through 3 or 4 revisions over the years, adding more chrome and bling with each revision. The later revisions are noted by a letter suffix to the model number (i.e AW1005q, AW1005J, AW1005N.) There were some slight changes to the sub specs (T/S parameters) between early and later models, but I don't think it dramatically affected SPL or SQ properties. There were three main Audiobahn subwoofer families (others exist too, but these were most popular), the AWxx00, ALUMxx, and AWxx05 (where xx is the subwoofer size). The 00 was sort of a general purpose mid-level sub, the Alum was an aluminum cone supposed "SQ" subwoofer, and the 05 was the SPL high-excursion sub. The 1205's had 3" voice coils, I think the 1005 were 3" too if memory serves. The consensus among folks who knew anything about car audio was that Audiobahn was nothing but chromed out garbage, but I think a few people just liked to bag on them because Audiobahn stuff was inexpensive and flashy (chrome, fat surrounds, etc) and then a whole bunch of other folks just parrot the same opinion over and over again without ever having hands on experience with the stuff. I owned a couple of the early Alum12's then later a pair of AW1200's along with a few of their amps over the years. I have nothing but good things to say about the brand, for the price they served me well, played reliably and sounded decent. I was never into the chrome and don't really care what my gear looks like; I bought them because they were a good value and was a repeat buyer because of my past experience with them. The Alum12 was an especially good sounding sub, I still have one that I use for home theater that's close to 20 years old. That said, for every one good review of these, there seem to be 15 others that trash the brand, so feel free to take my feedback with a grain of salt. I've owned a lot of different amps and subs over the years-- aside from power ratings often being wildly overrated, I just don't see what all the Audiobahn fuss was about. Most other manufacturers were just as guilty of exaggerating power ratings back in the day.
  2. jedwards83

    Cerwin Vega Vpro124d - dual 2 or 4 ohm?

    Somehow I missed the E-mails notifying me of a reply, missed these posts until now. Have heard great things about Sundown, while the CV was more of a shot in the dark. The Sundown according to T/S parameters would have been better in a ported box. What does the "B-stock" imply? I ended up going with the dual 4-ohm which turned out to be the right decision as the subs seem to handle the power nicely. I was unsure what my exact tuning frequency would end up being, because the prefab manufacturers don't give NET volume, so they don't subtract port volume or driver displacement. Thus the tuning frequency will be higher than the spec they publish. After rough calculating and running some test tones through it, I can tell it is tuned roughly in the mid-high 30's range. According to some WinISD modeling, the CV would have a huge output peak around 35-45 hz, and it sure does. Required a fair bit of tweaking the EQ on my head unit to get things evened out. It's ridiculously loud and sounds great with rap, R&B type stuff with lots of sustained low notes, even quick transitioning ones. It isn't as good with rock, or more dynamic music with more punchy and/or higher notes. I'm questioning if I should have gone with sealed boxes for these, but I haven't played with it enough yet to determine if ported was a bad idea. One thing is for sure, is they are a great value for the price, more than enough output and the sub doesn't have to work too hard-- handles power great until you get below 30hz then you have to tame the movement with the subsonic filter to keep the sub from bottoming out.
  3. Hey fellas, I'm looking to buy two Cerwin Vega Vpro 12" subwoofers and am really stuck on whether or not I should get the dual 2 or 4 ohm versions. I'm looking more for SQ than pure SPL. But at the same time I want to maximize the amount of bass for the money spent. My amp is Audiopipe APSM-1500, which is rated 1400 x 1 @ 1 ohm RMS and 950 x 1 @ 2 ohm RMS. Now I understand that to maximize the output of the amp, I'd need to go with the 4 ohm version of the subs, for a 1 ohm mono load. But my question is, do I really need to? These subs are rated 750w RMS, which I suspect is WILDLY overrated, I'm thinking they can handle 400w RMS long term. My box is a ported 1.75cf per chamber tuned @ 35 hz. Will I get a huge amount more bass output by wiring at 1 ohm instead of 2 ohm mono, and is that extra output worth running the subs at their maximum limit, where it's questionable how well they'd hold up at that power? My thinking is that a 2 ohm mono load would be easier on the subs and amplifier, at the expense of some some maximum volume with some extra SQ. I'm just curious how much potential volume I'd be leaving on the table. Also the dual 2 and 4 ohm versions of this sub have slightly different T/S parameters-- the dual 2 ohm version has T/S params that favor a ported box a bit more than the dual 4 ohm. Curious what you all think. If there are any other subs substantially better than the CV I'm considering for around $100, please feel free to comment on that too.