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  1. Looking for the best options as far as design. looking for a loud ground pounder, around 31-33 hz. I was thinking 2 12 sp4 12s, or hdc4 12s on 5k. anyone had luck with a tarus build? also my goal is to get the best component speakers I can for a reasonable price,and 2 amps for highs. (Looking to install speakers under car/in the gril with a kill switch. Any help or thoughts is appreciated!
  2. American Bass 500.1: Item(s) Hey guys, I have a 3 week old American Bass 500.1 in mint condition (Meaning Not 1 single Scratch) Im looking to sell. Asking price is 750$ Only Possible trade would be a smaller amp and cash. The amount of cash will depend on amp size and condition. Please text if you are interested in purchasing this amazing amp! -Ben (502)714-4559 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VFnrbt6lrDQ: $750.00: Shipping and Miscellaneous Item Information: Item Pictures: (List pictures in this section, 1st picture should be your username/date if you have less than 10 positive feedbacks with the i-Trader system or less than 10 references that you have sold to in the past. (These must be listed in your signature, or a link provided to a feedback thread listing these references)).
  3. -BenBen-

    zcon or hdc4

    Hdc 4..Because if you decide to add more power later, you wont need another sub.and it gets nasty loud..and also low if box is right
  4. -BenBen-

    **** u sundown

    @dbeez ;
  5. -BenBen-

    Iraggi alt?

    DC Power..
  6. -BenBen-

    FS/T Yardsale ZV4 12 D1

    I have a BTL 15
  7. -BenBen-

    WTB: Fi 15" BL,Q, or BTL

    I have a btl 15 also https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OvP3HNfz_lI
  8. -BenBen-

    3 Sundown ZV3 motors $450 shipped!

    Trades For 2?
  9. -BenBen-

    New Fi Q

    Pretty Nasty Subs
  10. Keep the l7, i would say tune around 40 hz since you dont listen to rap or anything low, also the 6.5s that were recomended look cheap, i would get something else, maybe Focal, pioneer, or some other decent brand that will perform well (hertz Audio JL audio also).a pioneer head unit if possible or kenwood.. maybe even alpine.
  11. -BenBen-

    Splaudio's custom subs thread

    Man would it be possible to replace just a surround? on my SP4 i would like the sundown zv4 surround..
  12. -BenBen-

    2 18s hdc3 vs. 2 15 ia death rows

    get 4 audiopipe 2ks - they have 0 guage inputs and are about 135 each, will do about a clean 1700 each, strap 2 to each sub and you will be loud, i am running 2 on a sp4 while my alt gets rebuilt by dcpower.. and it gets very nasty loud! trust me these amps are nice
  13. -BenBen-

    2 Skar VVX 12s

    Pics or Die! - J/K bro, it may help if you have some though
  14. I have saved all information in regards to our deal. I sent this guy my amp (AB 500.1) Back in July For Repair. Someone had hooked it up backwards and Tim told me it would take 2 weeks to return it. Well weeks turned into a half of a year and at this point i am pissed. I even Paid him 150$ for the repair ahead of time just so there were no issue as far as parts needing to be purchased. now he is stating he shipped the amp out on the 4th of last week via ups, and Memphis to Louisville is not that long of a trip..My amp has not arrived. It even has gotten to the point that tim also did not fully repair the amp as promised, but due to the lack of effort on his part, i still paid the full amount for the repair and advised him that i would send the amp to someone else to finish the repair. it is quite a few pictures of all of our messages, shows all of the times i was told my amp was done or almost done, shipped etc. I am putting this out so that no one else has to have the same situation happen to them, that has happend to me. I have been more then patient, and i mean overkill nice..at this point i Am Done! Just to break it down Amp shipped in July.. Tim Promised amp would be finished mult. diff. times but i have never been able to get a honest answer or response, I paid tim in Nov. to try and speed the process up. Dec. Tim stated he would send the amp back unfinished at my req due to it taking so lone. Jan 4 tim states he shipped amp.. Jan 10th - amp has not arrived still. Feel free to check the pictures (Full list of pics in library link.) I only posted the ones i felt were the most important to show the amount of time i have given Tim, and to validate i did pay him already etc benbenondatrack's's Library | Photobucket