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  1. optimusprime

    Dc Audio contest win free sub

    how do we know if we won?
  2. optimusprime

    my new car has 8 ohm speakers

    ive decided to name her gertrude
  3. optimusprime

    my new car has 8 ohm speakers

    yep 500 needed a sensor(free),t-stat(8 dollars),tires(40 dollars),brake pads(48 dollars),timing belt(35 dollars) and i had to pull the pcv system for cleaning(5 bucks for cleaner) and replace about 4 inches of vacuum hose(2 dollars). so it was really more like 638 dollars. im just going to leave the audio till after xmas. ill be getting my income tax refund anyway. it as 6 grand last year so i figure ill buy the girlfriend a little car for her to drive and ill take this one over and ill spend 3-4 on car audio stuff for the volvo. oh and ,.:;?! ,.:;?! ,.:;?! ,.:;?! ,.:;?! ,.:;?! ,.:;?! ,.:;?! ,.:;?! ,.:;?!
  4. optimusprime

    my new car has 8 ohm speakers

    all factory atm just bought it for 500 dollars pretty good shape too it says in the volvo owners manual 4x100 watts @4ohms 10% distortion but it has six speakers so how the hell is that 4x100? crazy swedes and there convoluted math.
  5. optimusprime

    my new car has 8 ohm speakers

    thought it was 8 speakers with a 100 watt amp turns out its 6 speakers 100 watt @ 4ohms HU and all the speakers are 8 ohm. wtf.
  6. 1998 volvo s70 base model with the 100 watt stock amp
  7. would you mind linking me to it?
  8. i want to install an after market HU its got a 4 channel amp somewhere in the dash. im pretty sure its just connected directly to the stock HU through the wiring harness. would it work if i used line level converters on an after market HU to connect it to the stock amp and then use a pre-amp to a separate amp for a sub in the trunk?
  9. replaced a couple hoses and what not also and seafoamed it through a vacuum hose it sounds throatier should i be at all concerned?
  10. optimusprime

    quantum audio?

    some dude was showing his off to me he had 2 10s i was like cosmic who ? hes like oh i mean quantum i still had no idea so i was like ohhh nice. i cant say much those my system is **** haha but im working on it.
  11. optimusprime

    quantum audio?

    junk or what?any one heard of it or had experience?
  12. well actually it will have 9 two 1 inch tweets in dash one 6.5 inch speaker in each door two 8 inch speakers in the rear deck lid one 12 inch sub in the trunk my question is would it be a goo idea to use a 4 channel for the doors and run the tweets off the HU a mono for the sub and a 2 channel for the rear 8's? or would it be better to use a 4 channel instead of a 2 channel and mono block?
  13. optimusprime

    Panasonic Head Unit...

    maybe in the wtb section of the classifieds would have been a good place to put this.
  14. optimusprime

    Sundown Audio Phone number??????

  15. optimusprime

    Midrange placement - where are yours?

    **** it jim im a line cook not an acoustic engineer!