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  1. Absolutely, it just depends on the speaker and the application.
  2. RicksI30

    Precision Power vs Hifonics

    Yes you can. I have really liked my bk amps.
  3. RicksI30

    bb2400.1 great deal

    Any trades?
  4. RicksI30

    in need of quality 6.5 componet set

    I would spend my whole budget on one good set for the front.
  5. RicksI30

    Identify this sub

    Lol if the motor and soft parts are different what makes them alike?
  6. RicksI30

    Sub mounting hardware

    Just use regular screws unless you plan on removing the subs often.
  7. RicksI30

    Multiple Tweeters 80PRS

    Why use multiple tweeters?
  8. RicksI30

    Can't Fix Speaker Polarity!!!!!

    You have rca's to the bit one and then another set to the amps correct? Your signal is switching sides somewhere. What kind of wire connects the controller?
  9. RicksI30

    Downgraging Subwoofers

    What do you have now that you are "downgrading" from?
  10. RicksI30

    tens, twelves....? real world difference?

    It will be more install dependent than the subs themselves.
  11. RicksI30

    FI SP4 Sealed?

    What are you looking for when you upgrade? The Sp4 should do very well sealed.
  12. RicksI30

    is it safe to wire a audiopipe ap 1000 d down to a half ohm?

    More cone area, or a better box are the cheapest options.
  13. RicksI30

    ssa xcon 18 port area

    How much space do you have?
  14. RicksI30

    How to do a pro audio setup in car.

    Yes all speakers ****, that was my point..... In the end it's not really about the equipment it's about the install and application. Almost anything can sound good it's just about how you use it, which again I'll say that most people using pa gear in cars are not doing it right.