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  1. In previous cars ive noticed that the PSIX amp can get very hot. So we decided to add fans. Matei made the baffle, installed and wired them. This was his, and i quote "favorite part of this install".. weirdo. The baffle was painted black to match. On to the beauty panels. When kevin came in he helped make a template for the beauty panels. He make the overall shape, then we all decided on what would look best in terms of cut outs, and he cut them out. Thank you Kevin. The panels all were rabbeted on the underside to account for material thickness. test fit with acrylic in place Start of the enclosure. made from 3/4" Birch and fiberglass. The bottom edge of the sides were cut as closely as possible to match the profile of the trunks floor. 5 layers of biaxial mat, and some regular 1.5oz mat on the sides were used for the bottom side of the enclosure. Filled and wired. The top of the enclosure was used as a template for the sub enclosures beauty panel. Everything installed.. 100% hidden with zero compromise. The woofers were flush mounted and the enclosure was wrapped in black suede while the panel was wrapped in black vinyl. I love the look of the contrasting textures. And the amp rack all finished. Thanks again for looking! And i promise i will get the pics of the rest of the install tomorrow.
  2. Posting this again because i cant find the old thread.. And here we have it! The very first build of 2018 and very first FULL build at Apicella Auto Sounds new location! Robert contacted me about 6 weeks ago looking to do a build in his newly acquired 2006 Lexus RX330. Over that time we went over ideas, constraints, timing, etc etc. Just before the new year he was able to drive from Richmond Virginia all the way up to New York to finally let me get my hands on it. Over the weeks leading up, we also tossed ideas as to what equipment would be best for his goals, which were to maintain a semi-stock look while giving the best possible sound quality as he has plans on competing in the future, and not take up to much space. The equipment we settled on were: Pioneer 6200 (already installed) Audible Physics Ram 2Q Audiofrog GS690 Tang Band 2" fullrange (2) Illusion Audio C10Helix Director Helix PSIX MK2 Zapco ST-1000XMii Before we get into things, i want to give a huge thank you to my friend Matei (who got me into this hobby) for helping me out for a few days (and kinda made himself a part time employee lol), and Kevin "Mullings" for helping out for a day. Thank you! Another side note... apparently when you work 65 hours in 4 days, your brain goes numb to things that dont fully matter and i may have forgotten to get various finished pictures.. Robert will be sending me some soon. Heres the main power wire fusing. 0 gauge from battery and split to the alternator and to the amps, along with the additional upgraded battery ground to the frame. GS690 with our standard wiring practices. Note: Audiofrog does not advise soldering to the GS series terminals due to the plastic housing. I trusted my soldering skills to get it done without any harm and succeeded. YMMV Doors fully deadened with about 8 SDS tiles per door, holes sealed up with aluminum and deadener and GS690's installed on composite baffles that use the oem mounting locations. On top of the GS690's is closed cell foam rings to couple the airspace in front of their cone to the cabin, while isolating them from the door panel and taking the airspace behind the door panel out of the equation. Also a close up of the closed cell foam rings that i make instead of using the pre-made open cell foam ones, which defeat their own intention of sealing the airspace while decoupling the door. The door panels were also hit with deadener and were spot treated with CLD, foam, etc to prevent any rattles and resonances. On to the A pillars, which i forgot to get finished and installed pics of We decided on using the Audible Physics RAM 2Q as a wideband. The pillars feature fully sealed enclosures, are on axis, and are sunken in enough to qualify for street class in MECA with their new rules for 2018. They are flush mounted into the baffles and leave enough wiggle room to wrap the pillars and still have them fit nicely. Also, the RAM 2Q and the chamfered backside of their baffle First step.. cut em up. Then prep for glass, and then take the first initial mold of the a-pillar frame. Next up was installing the pillar and glassing a mold of the dash while also glassing the original mold to the pillar. After that the glass was trimmed and baffles were secured. Back of the sealed enclosure on the pillar. After this pic was taken, more glass was added around the edges to seal it fully and to adhere it to the pillar better Body filler and sanding all done. Unfortunately, this is the last pic i have of the pillars I will post them when Robert sends me pics tomorrow. Since Robert had two extra channels available from the Helix PSIX MK2, we decided to have a go at rear fill since ive had good luck with it in the past. Heres a before shot of the D-pillar. Me making a mold of the rear pillar. Thanks for the photo Kels. This was made out of 3 layers of Biaxial mat. Very strong stuff and amazing to work with in certain situations. Baffles for the 2" Tang Bands made. If you remember, i used these in the versa and figured i'd give them another go since i knew what their size was like. Baffles aimed and secured to the molds, then were fully glassed, filled, and sanded. Final piece test fit, along with a shot with both from the rear. You can hardly see them. Now these were a royal bitch to make. So essnetially, what i did was make another baffle, which was routed out to flush mount the 2" drivers to them. then they were fully wrapped over in alcantara, as was the pod. Then the baffle was secured to the front of the pod. you cannot see the driver from the front, and the alcantara acts as a natural low pass filter, which is normal for rear fill anyway. They start rolling off at about 4.5k at 12db/octave. With the crossover i pushed it to acoustically roll off at 3.5k. Fully wrapped and ready for install. Unfortunately no installed pics as well. I pretty much only got finished pics of the trunk. FML. Will wait for Robert to send me a few. I will say this though.. the alcantara matched the factory pillars PERFECTLY. We were originally going to go with a Helix URC.3. We ended up just using a Director instead. The bracket that housed it was made out of acrylic and fiberglass. First step was the housing for the director, then the brackets that matched the panels they were being attached to shape. The brackets and housing were then duraglassed to the panel to make the fit tighter, then fully glassed and filled. Test Fit. Unfortunately no finished install pics. It was finished in Sem texture coat and painted to match the beige panels. With the amps and subs taking up the leftover space in the trunk, we had to improvise with the jack and jack accessories. Matei made a wooden panel to attach brackets for the jack and a pouch for the accessories. The pouch was made out of left over alcantara. The brackets, which are made out of HDPE, are cut to fit the jacks profile and secure it by expanding the jack. Trunk emptied of all panels to finish running power wire and see what we have to work with. The amp rack cut out and test fit. Note the hole to access the spare tires lowering hoist. Also a shot of various wires ran through the rack.
  3. Hey guys, another build in the books. This one was pretty quick. Some of you may remember this thread.. https://www.diymobileaudio.com/forum/system-design-help-me-choose-equipment-my-car/384178-do-i-need-dsp.html Thankfully, John put his faith in my and let me have a go at the install. He dropped his car off and hung out at the shop this past saturday with me and a few other customers of mine checking out their cars, talking, etc etc. It was fun. The goal for this build was make it as budget friendly as possible, while getting the most out of it in terms of SQ and leave room for possible upgrades. Equipment list as follows. SB Acoustics SB17CRC35-4 Mids SEAS Prestige 27TAFNC/G Tweeters Zapco ST-6X SQ ST-500XM II Audiofrog G12 subwoofer Helix DSP.2 For anyone wondering, this is the base model radio without a subwoofer or amplifier. The front left and right speaker level signal was grabbed and needed some input eq correction on the low end as there was a high pass filter applied. The rear speakers also had a high pass, so i didnt bother using those as the front speakers are what get bluetooth, chimes, and prompts. Heres John's new baby.. I'm always surprised every time i use the SB17's. Very good for their price. Although this was my first time using the carbon cone version. After routing out some baffles that matched the oem speaker brackets, the mids were installed and the doors were fully sealed and deadened. After that, closed cell foam was applied, along with closed cell foam rings around the mids to couple them to the cabin. 47uF caps were also installed to protect the tweeters. Main power wire and fuse holder. All RCA's and speaker wire labeled. Its the small things in life. Amp rack all wired up and ready to be installed. Unfortunately didnt have any carpet that matched the oem color on hand. Would have ordered it but this car was only here for a couple days. Audiofrog G12 and amp rack all in place and wired up. Like all things Audiofrog, im very surprised with the G12's performance. Great sounding subwoofer for around the $200 or less price range.
  4. Geoff has been a friend of mine for a few years now, as we both help run the Strictly Sound Quality group on facebook. He asked me if i wanted to work on his car while him and his wife went on a vacation together. He told me he wanted some pillars featuring the new Audible Physics RG100 full ranges and Dayton Audio ND16 tweeters, to modify his doors to house some Dayton RS225 midbass drivers, and to install his new Zapco Z150.6SP and Zapco Z8 IV dsp in the trunk. All to be done within a week. got it. For this car, since i was busy with another, i let my employee Matei take on most of the job. He did pretty much everything aside from some of the more complex glassing and body filler techniques, and wrapping the pieces. This also kinda explains the lack of "during" pics. Its hard to remember to take pics of every step when your in a groove and have never had to put a build log together before. Hats off to him. Heres a quick little "before" pic on the pillars and doors. Geoff is apparently blind to dirt lol (just kidding. its a daily, so..) side note, these doors are a total pita to clean. you will see my attempts in the after pics RG100 trim ring and grill inside its baffle. I taught Matei some basic router techniques recently. He picks things up FAST. Dayton ND16, Audible Physics RG100, and Dayton RS225 all wired up Matei figured out how much he needed to enlarge the door speaker opening, then created a template shape that fits the car while covering the hole. After the baffles of the pod were made, it glassed them to match the doors contours. They were attached to the door panel from the rear. Trim rings that press fit were routed out of acrylic and have a small bevel out the outside. They were eventually wrapped in grill cloth. Mounting for the false floor, as well as said false floor before being wrapped in matching carpet. Zapco Z-150.6SP and Z8 IV installed along with some RSD Custom Cables. Check these guys out for all of your custom cable needs. The stock false floor goes above this and this is where the subwoofer enclosure (not shown) sits Door pods fully installed. You can still see some water on the panels from trying to clean them. Pillars done and installed Thanks for looking!
  5. SkizeR

    Nissan Versa SQ Build

    And another few months later... More updates.. As you guys know, Josh doesnt stop. The changes and upgrades do not end. Its a vicious cycle. But, as usual we did some changes not to long ago, but i never got finished pictures. He came back for some tuning before SVR and i figured i'd take the finished pictures while i have a chance and upload a build log for it. Updated equipment list: Sony RSX-GS9 with iPad mini APL1 (currently bypassed as it will not connect to my potato of a laptop, new laptop incoming) Helix DSP Pro Mk2 with Director (5) Zapco Z-150.2AP Amps Zapco ST-2X Mundorf AMT19CM2.1-C Audio Technology 15H Dynaudio MW182 Tangband 2" Fullranges for rear fill Acoustic Elegance SBP 15" with Apollo motor upgrade 2 problems though. 1) I cannot find my second SD card that has some of the pics on it. I am missing most of the pillar build, the subwoofer install, most of the kick panel build, and the amp rack under the beauty panel with the amps finally mounted and wired. 2) i really do not feel like going through every photo and describing what each one is right now. Will do that at a later date. The TLDR is: The car was built to fit MECA Modex class rules. The dash was cut to accommodate a large enough enclosure to house and give proper airspace to the Audio Technology midranges. We ended up at 3 liters. The tweeters were moved to the pillars directly over the pillars and overhang them to get the acoustic center as close as possible. I decided on doing them in a vertical orientation. Aesthetics were second to sound quality, so we decided to mount them in this fashion to combat horizontal crossover lobing. We arent so much concerned about vertical because our vertical position in the car doesnt really change, but our horizontal does, even if it only is a few inches. Theoretically, with them mounted the way they are vs before, there will be better cohesion between the tweeter and midrange while moving your head around the little bit you do while driving. Another reason, which relates to the previous, is we want to have a crack at 2 seat competition formats. Like i said, this orientation will provide us a more predictable and usable system response from multiple locations along the horizontal plane. We also mounted the subwoofer infinite baffle in the floor. What we did was take a big, thick fiberglass mold of the entire trunk floor (7+ layers of 1708 Biaxial mat), cut out the diameter of the sub in the mold and the bottom of the spare tire well, made a baffle for the sub and glassed it to the mold. Before attaching the mold to the car, we used 2 layers of aluminum grill, 2 layers of hydrophobic mesh, and a thin layer of fiberglass insulation to prevent the mesh and grill from resonating against each other. We did something very similar with the kick panels. Made a very dense housing for the MW182, secured it over the cutout, and made a beauty panel. We also had to move the clutch pedal over about an inch. Seats were also relocated further back to further lower path length differences. In the end, it resulted in probably the best sounding car thats come out of my shop. For descriptions of each photo, view the album on my facebook page. Thanks https://www.facebook.com/pg/ApicellaAutoSound/photos/?tab=album&album_id=2056318808030389
  6. SkizeR

    Nissan Versa SQ Build

    Another update. Amp swap.. Josh is back again, this time to swap amplifiers. He went from the Z150.2LX to the new Z150.2AP. First thing we noticed is that they look much better than the old LX. Most of the online photos dont do them justice (and make them look a weird gold color for some reason). The second thing that we noticed was that the noise floor disappeared even though we had the gains high enough for plenty of headroom with the volume knob (ps, the gain knobs on these amps are not the same as the LX amps. The gains on these need to be turned up more vs the LX). The second thing that Josh noticed was that the sound was more detailed than the previous amps. I reserve my thoughts on that as im not as familiar with the cars sound as the owner.
  7. SkizeR

    Nissan Versa SQ Build

    A few months later... Hes baaaaaaack... Josh, as some of you may know, doesnt just leave things along. Hes a stage 5 swapper. This time is was the head unit, the dsp, and the tweeters. On top of that, we also blacked out the whole interior, and deadened the roof while we were in there. In some cars everything below the window line is black, and everything above is tan. In my opinion, this is just silly and cheap looking. I have not a god damn clue why any car manufacturer does this, yet almost all mainstream brands do. Heres a before. First thing we did was loosen the a-pillars, remove the visors, dome light, grab handles, and b-pillars. From there we were able to slip the headliner right out of the hatch. Roof deadened with SDS Tiles. Only the best. From there, we used DAP weldwood landau top adhesive to secure 1" thick open cell foam supplied from Madisound over the entire roof. The headliner was re-wrapped, and all plastics were done in satin black, which matched the oem door panels very well. Pictures do this ZERO justice. This is by far the best interior upgrade you can do if your car uses the colorway that he had (tan up top, black on the bottom). Its a whole new car now. Even the visors were done and the oem warning labels were fully retained The Carozzerria ODR transport and processor were swapped out for a Sony RSX-GS9, and a Helix DSP Pro MK2 (which is what i told him to stick with in the first place, but josh doesnt like to listen to me.. go figure lol). We also had to fabricate a new beauty panel to cover the spaces between the helix and amps. The scanspeak d2904 tweeters were swapped for these Mundorf tweeters. Both sound very good. The Sony is being fed music from an iPad mini 4. which is being held in place with a The Joy Factory mount. It works well. As you can see the old director panel (from his original install was put back into place. The iPad goes to the Apple camera kit which supplies the ipad power while also passing data to the Sonys USB-DAC input. We opted to use the Onkyo High Res app, and i am personally loving it. I had a very strong feeling that Josh wouldnt considering his tastes and how he carries around maybe 200+ CD's in his car at all times and claims to not be up to snuff on current technology. I even bet Banny Z 50 bucks that it would be uninstalled before mid march.. Plot twist, he loves it as well. My only complaint is that the USB-DAC input requires a cable to come out of the front.
  8. I thought i posted this here before, but i cant seem to find it to add updates... If its here and for some reason i cant find it, sorry. Maybe 5 years ago, I saw that there was a car audio competition only 3 hours away from me (thats reasonable for NY). This is back when i first started helping at a shop and didnt know to much so this was all very new to me and i was pretty shy and nervous when i went. Fortunately, i was introduced to Josh, who is the owner of this Nissan Versa. At the time he had a Kia with a badass install that sounded killer. He actually won MECA's Best of Best of Show that year at World Finals. Josh and the installers Tom and Steve were more than happy to talk about the car, as well as give me a demo. I was absolutely floored. I've never in my life until then heard something like it. I think that was the moment that got me to where i am now in this hobby/business. Fast forward 5 years, and i get a message from Josh wanting to update the install in his Nissan Versa. It was a pretty good feeling considering the story above. First, i must say the original install was awesome, and sounded incredible. But, Josh is a competitor. He wasnt ok with knowing he will go to world finals this year and not take first (there were a few cars in his class that were just better, even if it was only by a hair. But at this level, every little bit matters). He told me what he wanted to do, and i told him its on. At first he had a few Zapco Z-150.2LX amps for the front speakers (Morel Elate Ti 6.5 and morel hybrid integra 4), a Z-150.2 for the sub, and a ST-2X for rear fill. This was all controlled by an Alpine radio with optical out to a Helix Pro DSP. Many know that the Helix, and the other equipment is about as good as it gets in their respective categories, but josh wanted more. In comes a Carrozzeria ODR RS-D7xIII CD transport with the ODR RS-P99 processor, and an all scanspeak front stage, with 4 of the Z-150.2LX amps for the front stage, and some new speaker locations. Kick panels for midbass, and custom sail panels for the tweeters. ***NOTE*** Unfortunately, i wasnt very good this time around in terms of staying on top of photos of progress. I pretty much only have starting and finishing photos and not much detail in between. After a while you kinda just forget :/ Here is the trunk and a-pillars when it came to me. Done by one of the best when it comes to high end, sound quality car audio. The Carrozzeria ODR Combo, and one of the Zapco Z-150.2LX amps After the install was done by the initial shop, Josh had other shops do some work like adding rear fill. After a bunch of installers were in and out of this car, the wiring had kinda gone south and needed a good amount of going through and reorganization. First up was the "sail panels". In this car, there is no sail panel from the factory. So i decided to make one. First mold was made of the door frame, door panel, and window. The next mold was with the door closed and mated up to the A pillar. And here we have the finished product. (like i said, im short on photos :/ ). They are secured to the car with riv nuts and Stainless security screws. The window still fully functions with these in place. The a pillars flush mount needed to be widened to accept the new, and slightly larger mids. The Scanspeak Revelator 12m. Like all of my installs, each driver got XT60 quick disconnects, solder, and heatshrink. Wiring for the relay to power the amps and LED's Scanspeak Discovery 22W 8" midbass with xt60 connector soldered and heatshrunk on its pigtail. Do not sleep on these midbass. Very efficient, can play high, can dig low, only needs 0.5 cubic feet. Mold of the kick panel was made, pulled, then strengthened with a layer of carbon fiber, more layers of fiberglass, and another couple layers of carbon fiber. The baffle is made out of 2 pieces of 3/4" Birch The new amp rack wired up for testing and tuning. Some teasers of the (almost) finished product. The midbass enclosures with grills. The grill was made out of a negative of the birch baffle, and protects the driver with a steel grill which is all wrapped in grill cloth for aesthetics and to keep out dirt. These were vented from the back into the frame rail of the car to keep it in the MECA modified class. The pillars with the new mids wrapped in matching headliner, and the sails were wrapped with matching vinyl on the front, and black suede on the back sides where it meets the a-pillar as well as the window. The ODR transport. Just beautiful. the trunks finished product. (excuse the finger smudges on the acrylic. forgot to clean them before photos. oops)
  9. copy and pasted from elsewhere.. Rich recently contacted me about doing some work in his newly acquired Porsche Cayenne. Turns out, Rich used to be an installer back in the day and left all the messy work to us. In this car we installed a pair of Audible Physics NZ3AlBe wideband driver in sail panel enclosures, and Scanspeak Discovery 8's in the doors (sorry, no pictures of those). To be honest, ive always been weary of using wideband drivers in customers cars due to the fact that they can be a bit picky, unforgiving, and unpredictable vs a traditional 3 way setup. This is my second wideband setup done here at the shop and my first time ever using the NZ3AlBe and i have to be say, im very happy with how it all turned out and how it sounded. I highly recommend these NZ3AlBe drivers. Rich installed the Mobrige DA-3 (heads up, you will need an external bluetooth piece to handle calls since this car is not fully supported), Zapco ST-6X SQ, Zapco ST-500xmii, And SI BM MKIV. This car did not come with any sort of sail panel. These had to be fabricated from scratch. here we are taking a mold of the small triangle window area where it meets the door panel. Here we have the baffle for the Audible Physics NZ3AlBe Molds pulled and trimmed, and baffles aimed and secured A trim ring to cover the NZ3 mounting flange and hardware Done and installed. Eventually added some grill cloth to the back of the trim ring to hide the drivers better. A little edit on the first finished photo And my personal favorite photo.. i think hes a happy camper
  10. So Mike wanted more output from the subs after his last revision as that was by far his weakest link. He finally decided to give up some trunk space (a trunk that he doesnt use anyway lol) and install a pair of Audiofrog GB12's in 1 cubic foot per side sealed enclosure. We also added a Zapco Z-2KDii to power them. Adding all of this to such a small trunk and leaving it partially functional was a real challenge. We ended up hiding the Zapco amp underneath the brax amps. Another issue was the heat the the Brax MX4 amps create. They get hotter than any amp ive come across by a long shot. So, we installed 5 fans that are on a switch to circulate new air into the amp rack. Sorry, no pics with the edge lit acrylic lit up. The result was easily the most impressive car i have done to date. The overall sound is just killer. Can do very well if he gets to a competition, but it doesnt seem like he has any interest in it. But whats cool is when you turn that director sub volume control from -18 (setting for SQ with a linear response), to all the way up to zero and the GB 12's just take it and put out the most impressive sounding bass ive heard in a car to date. So god damn loud, but so god damn clean, and not a hint of rattle (thanks VW). Seriously. If you get the chance to listen to this car at a meet, ask him to turn that volume up.
  11. did you not see the part where i fabricated a new dead pedal? not only that, but the kick is strong enough and uses a thick metal grill that you can put your feet on it if you really wanted to.
  12. Thanks. It did end up sounding very good, especially considering how basic it is. uhsuhh thanks, and my pleasure. the amps total to under 550, and the sub is under 200. definitely budget in terms of how they perform. The helix, well its not the cheapest dsp, but its no doubt the best on the market for an 8 channel offering. This car needed something with input eq also, so we couldnt use many of the other budget offerings without really sacrificing something else Thank you
  13. A-Pillar and sail panels fully installed. In the end, the car sounded phenomenal. Mike is coming back on friday to do some more tuning to adjust to his preferences/driver break in after doing some listening. The car is on a new level now. The A.D. W800NEO's are extremely impressive, in terms of SQ and output especially considering that they are only 56mm deep. Thanks for looking!
  14. Here is the Helix Director fully installed. Sony and iPad install finished. The bezel for the Sony was wrapped in a matching gloss black vinyl. Wish i got some close ups of the Sony while its fully installed. Everything mates up perfectly. Kicks done and installed, along with beefed up floormats that i made to reduce tactile feedback. That wire hanging down is for his engines tune and is plugged into the ODB port. Excuse the dust, this was before it was fully cleaned. here you an see the rear fill pods installed.