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    Ive been doing car audio a long time, love old school stuff, but looking to go new school possibly, haha. Just started these sites to see what kind of opinions people have on the new stuff being offered
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    Cars, Car audio, working out, sports, and collecting old school amps
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    Looking to do a new sq set up in the Maxima and my first spl in a hatch(tbd soon)
  1. radwilsons5803

    Dd z1a

    Good guy here, done multiple deals with locally
  2. radwilsons5803

    FS: Cheap amps, cosmetically challenged

    RF 100.2 is $30 shipped? If so, PP please
  3. radwilsons5803

    Elemental Designs Nine.1

    Im headed back to AZ tomorrow otherwise i would have picked this up. If you still have it in a week and a half ill grab it
  4. radwilsons5803

    Elemental Designs Nine.1

    ^^^. Nice, Im in Blaine
  5. radwilsons5803

    Elemental Designs Nine.1

    What part of MPLS?
  6. radwilsons5803

    FS: Image Dynamics IDQ 10" dual 4

  7. radwilsons5803

    FS: Image Dynamics IDQ 10" dual 4

    Great price, sold mine locally for $130. Glws:cool:
  8. radwilsons5803

    US Amps AX-TU600C

    I appreciate the offer but im gonna pass
  9. radwilsons5803

    US Amps AX-TU600C

  10. radwilsons5803

    US Amps AX-TU600C

  11. radwilsons5803

    Rockford Punch Power 250.2 (chrome)

    Perhaps ebay is a better place, thanks guys
  12. radwilsons5803

    US Amps AX-TU600C

    Guess not:rolleyes:
  13. radwilsons5803

    US Amps AX-TU600C

    Thank you sir. Hopefully someone wants a bad *** tube amp haha
  14. radwilsons5803

    US Amps AX-TU600C

    Trade for nice mono amp
  15. radwilsons5803

    US Amps AX-TU600C