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    I am the father of my wonderful Sons , Alexander and Tristan.
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    USACI Champ, so F*ck you
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    Kenwood Xcelen Headunit, Boston Accoustics comp, RF Power T1'15"s, 3Sixty.2 processor
  1. Joseph7195

    what it do?!?!

    My whole fucking year was going to shit, but then to save the day, Tappin comes rolling back through. {Deep Sigh} "I think everything gonna be alright".
  2. Joseph7195

    Tuning Car set up first time

    Oh goodness, I can see where that would be a problem. As many times as you have changed systems and worked on other's systems, I know you know how important a decent multimeter can be. Even without an 0-scope, a multimeter can help immensely. Lol, you're right! Most decent meters and scopes can be had for less than $100, and an extra $5 or $10 for a better quality one can make a huge difference! OMG, if you wanna pull your hair out, get one of those "FREE" multimeters from Harbor Freight lololololol. Those things are just the worst hahahaha :rotflol:
  3. Joseph7195

    Tuning Car set up first time

    I only skimmed the info that was being presented to help him set his amps, but for some reason nobody recommended using a multimeter or an o-scope. When setting up my systems i've always used an o-scope to measure clip limits and a multimeter to measure output voltages. Also some test frequency tracks to run while dialing in exact measurements. I'm not sure if you have done this yet, but it should be the way you setup your system to avoid trouble later down the road with blown subs and burnt up amplifiers. Check this section out---- Car Audio Reference Database It's a database of common car audio do's and don't's. I promise you, it's a must-read in really getting serious about setting up your system.
  4. Joseph7195

    Which sense would you give up?

    I gave up common sense. Been years and I haven't looked back!!!
  5. Joseph7195

    Yep, I'm back

    Yay!!! You're back!!
  6. Joseph7195

    Sub comparison

    Welcome to Caraudio.com! Seems like you haven't exactly made up your mind yet. I know the feeling, and most everyone else here knows the same feeling. You get some subs, they sound amazing, and then 10 minutes later someone rides up and their setup blows you away! Now you have to go back to square one with the new setup ideas. We have all been there. But in reality, the subs only play a small part in the setup, and believe it or not, its not the most important aspect to an amazing system. Usually its the quality of the install and sub enclosure that'll make the biggest difference. Tell everyone a little bit more about what goals you want to achieve. The Low Lows, Accurate response, small footprint, no electrical upgrades and low power, or High Output Alts and tons of batteries and power. One of the most overlooked benefits on this site is the Car Audio Reference Database: Car Audio Reference Database It has some of the most amazing information and can be critical during those times when doubt about your system and design/install abilities overwhelms your confidence. I hope this helps!
  7. Joseph7195

    I'm just a girl..

    What the fuck guys>?!!!!!!! A new member literally made 7 posts in her "New Member" introduction, and because of all the fucking bullshit hasn't posted again in 4 fucking days?!! For Fucks sake guys.